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The Liar’s Daughter book pdf download for free or read online, also The Liar’s Daughter pdf was written by Rona Halsall.

Rona is the author of the best-selling psychological thrillers published by Bookouture. She loves solving mysteries, so now she’s writing them… her challenge is to find home stories with twists and turns that will keep her readers guessing until the very end.

She was somewhat of a nomad throughout her adult life, moving around the north of England. She then settled in Snowdonia, North Wales, where she raised her family while working as a business mentor. She now lives on Isle of Man with her husband and two dogs.

BookThe Liar’s Daughter
AuthorRona Halsall
Size1.1 MB

The Liar’s Daughter Book PDF download for free

The Liar's Daughter Book PDF download for free

A delightfully dark and twisted tale of deception, mystery, and family ties, The Liar’s Daughter is perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train, The Woman in the Window, and The Family Upstairs.

The Liar’s Daughter Book Pdf Download

Eva has put her life on hold to take care of her father who has been diagnosed with dementia and whose condition is deteriorating, then her stepmother Linda receives a call telling her that Eva’s sister is in the hospital after an accident, but she is the daughter only. , Correct?

Eva has no idea what’s going on, but she’s sure someone has been lying to her all her life, so she decides to travel to Wales to meet her sister Nancy and look after her while she recovers, and hopefully get some answers while she’s at it. this. there, but things are never that simple, right?

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This latest Rona Halsall story is told in three parts by Eva and Nancy. It’s a very dark and disturbing story of forced control, manipulation and deception in which the author slowly takes us back to Eve’s perspective in part one, then reveals what happened twenty-four years ago when Nancy disappeared before finally taking us back to the Present. day.

I loved the atmospheric setting of the farm which really added tension and intrigue to the story. It’s a well-crafted story, with some chilling twists along the way and some very dark moments that had me on the edge of my seat, very reluctant to put the book down and go back to real life, which led me to read on. it was read in less than a day. Another interesting Halsall read that I highly recommend.

When Nancy’s mother dies and her unborn baby has to be delivered by C-section, her father moves into the family home with her lover to care for the girl. This is the last straw for the teenager, who decides to “disappear” and leaves a suicide note.

This is just the beginning of a 24-year nightmare for Nancy, who accepts a ride from a stranger, Judy, on that fateful night.

Initially, Judy welcomes Nancy to her home, a remote farm in Snowdonia, but the longer she stays there, the more controlling and brutal Judy becomes towards her. She treats Nancy like a slave and punishes her severely for her every offense.

Suddenly, she gets a phone call to her childhood home in Nottingham from a Welsh hospital. The person she calls says that Nancy has suffered a head injury and that she cannot be allowed to go home without someone taking care of her.

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Ana, who didn’t know before that she has an older sister, immediately sets out to help her. And so begins Ana’s problems and her search for the truth.

What a great psychological thriller she has become. The author describes a dysfunctional family full of lies and deception: two sisters desperate to discover the truth and a twisted and controlling liar and murderer who wants to maintain the status quo in her own life.

Each of the characters in this story has some flaw: they have lied, stolen, cheated for their own benefit, and yet the reader can feel sympathy and even empathy for them. This is due to the author’s ability to describe the circumstances that led to her behavior. And for that I congratulate you. Plus, the real villains get what they deserve in the end, which is always a good thing!

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