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The Madness Of Crowds book pdf download for free or read online, also The Madness Of Crowds pdf was written by Louise Penny.

LOUISE PENNY is #1 New York Times and Globe and Mail bestselling author of the novels Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. She has won numerous awards, including a CWA Dagger and Agatha Award (five times), and was a finalist for the Edgar Award for Best Novel. She lives in a small town south of the Montreal.

BookThe Madness Of Crowds
AuthorLouise Penny
Size2.5 MB

The Madness Of Crowds Book PDF download for free

The Madness Of Crowds Book PDF download for free

Inspector Gamanche and his colleagues work to solve a puzzling, emotionally and psychologically interesting case. Louise Penny wove both the story arc and current event headlines into the story, which is fictionally set shortly after the end of the COVID pandemic. A must for die-hard and new Penny fans.

The Madness Of Crowds Book Pdf Download

There are moral dilemmas and ethical discussions and plenty of food for thought. Between the glittery winter wonderland, hot chocolate, and outdoor activities with the kids playing in the snow, there is, of course, murder.

After a long time after the COVID restrictions, the villagers have come out of isolation and are glad that the vaccine has ended the pandemic. They are now free to come together, hug each other, remove their masks and resume their normal lives, but the pandemic has left them with lingering pain and sadness.

This post-COVID attitude is a bit early as we are still in the middle of wave 4 in most places, even if we are fully vaccinated. I felt the plot thickened as possible motives, occasions and suspects were discussed and with the additional inclusion of a murder in the past. These theories seemed to be considered repeatedly to the point of tedium, but left the reader with a puzzle to ponder.

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Chief Inspector Armand Gamache is back. He’s the head of homicide for the Sureté de Quebec. Team members Isabelle and Jean-Guy, her son-in-law, are also involved in the investigation. The Gamache family now has several grandchildren. Fellow villagers like artist Claire, Myrna, who runs a bookstore, Gabe, and Olivier, manager of the bistro (closed during the pandemic), are now busy and open to the public.

It was great to meet Ruth again, the snotty, eccentric older poet, with her pet duck. She is much more insightful than people think. There are three visitors at Three Pines. Do they have hidden intentions? Why are they there in the dead of the winter?

Gamache was asked to provide security at a conference given to a visiting statistician, Abigal Robinson. He has a feeling that a small university nearby will have few visitors in the dead of winter and that statistics are not a stimulating topic. However, he learns that she jumps to horrible conclusions and that many come to hear her speech. She is charming in person, but her views are dangerous and morally repugnant.

Gamache unsuccessfully tries to cancel the conference. Gamache is haunted by a scene he witnessed at a nursing home where the elderly were abandoned and left to die. Based on his research, to be presented to the premier of Quebec, on how COVID has had a devastating impact on health care and the economy, Abigal advocates for forced euthanasia for the elderly and disabled. Shots are fired at the conference and chaos ensues.

Abigal is visiting with her friend and her assistant. The other newcomer is Haniya Daoud, a young Nobel Peace Prize winner from Sudan. She endured the most horrible and nightmarish torture before fleeing to freedom.

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In a secluded cabin in the woods lives a professor who, as a young doctor on behalf of the CIA, participated in some real and horrific mind-altering experiments at McGill University. He knew what was going on, but he kept quiet about it. As a result, many of the test subjects were damaged for life. He keeps this part of his life a secret, but it is not popular as he has not done anything to help the community during the COVID lockdown.

On New Year’s Eve, a murder occurs in a nearby wooded area while most of the villagers were having a party. A smart and sensitive gamache and his team must interrogate possible suspects and discover the killer’s motive. This turns out to be a very complex and difficult investigation, wondering if a murder can be motivated by both love and hate. Can there ever be a justification for the killing?

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