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The Missing book pdf download for free or read online, also The Missing pdf was written by Kiersten Modglin.

BookThe Missing
AuthorKiersten Modglin
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The Missing Book PDF download for free

The Missing Book PDF download for free

When five strangers are stranded on an island with no idea where they are or who to trust, their nightmarish new reality begins to unfold.

someone is lying
Someone is hiding a terrible secret.
Anyone would do anything to get home… right?

As the group struggles to uncover the truth about his mysterious whereabouts, one thing is certain: every decision they make on the island will affect the others.

And when they discover a strange note with a chilling revelation, the group begins to question everything they thought they knew. If they want to get off the island alive, they must find out who brought them there and why… before it’s too late.

The Missing Book Pdf Download

This was one of the most heartbreaking and suspenseful novels I’ve read all year (and I read over 150 books a year). It combined two of my favorite situations: a group of people trapped somewhere with a killer on the loose, and a wilderness adventure story of a small group of people lost in the wilderness and lost not only to the elements but to others as well people fight. . In this case we tricked 5 strangers into taking a ride on a yacht and then left them on a deserted island with no food, no drinking water, no shelter and no explanation. It’s literally a life and death situation, and then it gets worse.

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I felt a wide range of emotions for the characters as I read and found myself caring about what was happening to them, scared for them, sometimes happy for them and sometimes sad about certain turns of events. I felt the fear of What’s up? with them. Why are we here? Will we ever be saved or find a way off this island? Or will we die here?

The Missing was a combination of Lost and Survivor on steroids. Many of them! Five people are chosen, which appears randomly, and are offered a free boat ride. Each selected person will be informed that only one seat is available for this “tour”. Each of the five – Harry, Noah, James, Ava and Katy – have their own reasons for choosing to travel.

Once on board, each of the five is lost in their own thoughts until told the ship has a problem and needs immediate repairs. When the engine seems to die, everyone is put in a smaller boat and taken to what appears to be an uninhabited island.

Then the fun begins. It didn’t take long for the five to start getting to know each other and it seemed like alliances were forming. However, the question still remains that, who can you REALLY trust? Especially when it really comes to your life.

The “friends” received a message that only one of them will survive. The sole survivor must be the last person standing to leave. It doesn’t seem to matter if they decide to take someone out or the others die in an accident.

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What would you do if you got into this situation? would you be the last one alive Would you even know what to do to survive without this threat hanging over you?

If you really haven’t read this one yet, I definitely recommend it. It’s a fun Keys cruise, and who could resist?

This book should be a summer TBR for all thriller lovers. A natural disaster could have happened outside without my noticing. Is there a better feeling than really getting lost in a story? I do not think so!

The stories that really speak to me today are the ones that allow me to travel from my chair. I NEED a vacation and I’m sure some of you can too! Katy is on vacation with her husband, and while he’s at the hotel, she’s at the beach when she accepts an offer for a free boat ride.

Oh how she should have stayed on the beach. In addition to the crew, there are four other people on the ship, who are then left behind on a deserted island. When a note is found, things quickly go wrong, only one makes it off the island alive. What are they doing, survival of the fittest, or are they trying to outwit their catches?

I enjoyed the dynamic this group of five had. As strangers, they had to adapt quickly to each other in a stressful situation. This deserted island might have been a perfect place to spend the day, but this group had to learn to survive. Not knowing if this group would stay friendly or fight each other to get off the island made this novel quite exciting.

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Another aspect that I really loved was the relationship between the two Katy and Noah, another captee on the island. Katy is married but really forms a bond with him. They would protect each other at all the costs. It really makes you think, if you were in this situation, would you stand your ground or work with someone?

I could really go on and on about The Missing. This END! Holy cow, all the feelings with the end! With this book, Modglin became another self-buying author and I will start buying his book fund! If you are looking for a suspenseful thriller with unexpected twists to the end, The Missing is for you!

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