Download The Most Fun We Ever Had [PDF] By Claire Lombardo

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The Most Fun We Ever Had book pdf download for free or read online, also The Most Fun We Ever Had pdf was written by Claire Lombardo.

BookThe Most Fun We Ever Had
AuthorClaire Lombardo
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The Most Fun We Ever Had Book PDF download for free

The Most Fun We Ever Had Book PDF download for free

In this “rich and complex family saga” (USA Today) full of long-buried family secrets, Marilyn Connolly and David Sorenson fall in love in the 1970s, unaware of what awaits them. As of 2016, they have four completely different daughters, each in a state of turmoil.

Wendy, a young widow, settles down with alcohol and younger men; Violet, a trial attorney-turned-housewife, struggles with fear and self-doubt; Liza, a newly graduated, neurotic teacher, is pregnant with a baby she’s not sure she wants from a man she’s not sure she loves. and Grace, the lazy youngest daughter, begins to live a lie unknown to anyone in her family.

With the unexpected arrival of young Jonah Bendt, a boy put up for adoption by one of the daughters fifteen years ago, the Sorensons are forced to confront the rich and varied tapestry of their past. As they deal with years marred by teenage angst, infidelity, and resentment, they also find the transcendent moments of joy that make everything else worthwhile.

The Most Fun We Ever Had Book Pdf Download

Brilliantly and imaginatively written by Claire Lombardo, this novel simply consumed me; I lost sight of everything else while reading.

Not only is the plot intriguing and the characters lively and real, but the format of the novel is bold and creative, and it works. The story jumps in time from the past to the present and vice versa, but is never confusing. Most importantly, this isn’t just some weird trick. Time jumps absolutely advance the story in a way that might otherwise not have been as effective or devious.

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This is the story of the David and Marilyn Sorenson and their family of the four daughters. David and Marilyn fell in love and married in the mid 1970’s and are still passionately in love 40 years later. On the surface, this is the storybook romance of an almost magical life, but beneath it lies mystery, hurt, and tragedy, just like any life. We also follow the stories of the very different daughters and the very different ways they relate to each other and the world.

Wendy is bitter and mean, but falling in love changes everything until tragedy strikes. Violet is smart, beautiful, marries well and seems to have everything. Liza has her PhD, teaches at a university, and has a boyfriend who lives with her who suffers from a deep and debilitating depression. Grace, the youngest by many years, has just graduated from college and is trying to make sense of her life in the shadow of all these noisy sisters with their overwhelming lives. And then suddenly everyone gets a surprise: Jonah, a 15-year-old boy whom one of the daughters gave birth to in secret, unexpectedly enters her life.

This book is everything! It’s romantic in the best possible way because it’s also realistic. The story is fascinating, but this is literature, not just plot, so there’s real depth to the novel. It is structurally complex but easy to read. It’s deep and emotionally searing, but also hilarious and very poignant in real life.

I’ve been going through a major reading slump over the past few months. I was so busy with other things in my life that it was easier for me to focus on the TV. But in the middle of this month that changed. Suddenly I felt like reading. I wanted to lose myself in the pages of a well-written book. He had started in September but hadn’t gotten very far before quitting. I was worried it wouldn’t bode well when I decided to get this. I didn’t have to worry.

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Once I got the rhythm of the narration, I dived in. There is so much family drama that the author takes the time to uncover it. She will leave a crumb here and there that will give the reader the gist of what happened. Then, as the book progresses, he slowly unravels the details.

I really enjoyed meeting this family. I appreciated how relationships grew and developed. The layers and complexity of the individuals as well as the family unit made for an engaging read. What was interesting was the way the story jumped back and forth in time. It really kept me on my toes because I really never knew where we were going next. I look forward to more works by this author in the future.

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