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The Noel Stranger book pdf download for free or read online, also The Noel Stranger pdf was written by Richard Paul Evans.

BookThe Noel Stranger
AuthorRichard Paul Evans
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The Noel Stranger Book PDF download for free

The Noel Stranger Book PDF download for free

Maggie Walther feels her world is collapsing. Publicly humiliated after her husband, a local councillor, was arrested for bigamy and the subsequent divorce, she cut herself off from the world. When her only friend insists that Maggie get out of her hole and use the time of year to bring her out of her low, Maggie decides to put up a Christmas tree and sets out to buy one, albeit reluctantly.

Andrew, the friendly and handsome man who owns the Christmas tree lot, immediately grabs her and hands her his tree. She soon learns that Andrew is single and new in town, and just like her, he’s starting a new life.

As their friendship really develops, Maggie slowly starts to trust again, something she never thought possible. Then, just when he thinks he’s finally found happiness, he uncovers a dark secret from Andrew’s past. Is there really more to this stranger’s truth more than meets the eye? This very powerful new Christmas novel from the Richard Paul Evans, “King of the Holiday Fiction”, explores the true power of the season, redemption and also the freedom that comes with forgiveness.

The Noel Stranger Book Pdf Download

Ahh, it wouldn’t be Christmas without a new book by Richard Paul Evans! The latter is titled The Noel Stranger.

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Maggie Walther is stunned when her husband is arrested for bigamy. She withdraws from the world, hurt and shamed. With Christmas just around the corner, her friend encourages her to embrace the season and live again. A chance encounter at a Christmas tree farm with a man named Andrew gives her hope that maybe, she can find happiness again.

But the road to the happiness is often bumpy…

Evans sets her novels around the holiday season, a time of reflection, connection, forgiveness, joy and, yes, love.

The Noel Stranger is told as an excerpt from Maggie’s diary. I liked Maggie and wanted her to be happy again. His initial hesitation was understandable given what had happened to him. But I was a little surprised at the speed at which things were progressing: a trip to Cabo seemed a bit premature to Maggie. I thought she might be a little more cautious given some of the puzzling answers she gives. But of course that is part of the plot! Without spoiling the spoilers, I felt the reason for Andrew’s cryptic answers should be taken with a pinch of salt.

I decided to read to The Noel Stranger. The reader was one of my favorites: Erin Mallon. She delivers the perfect voice for Maggie: warm, engaging, engaging and easy to listen to. His interpretation is expressive, pacing, emphasizing the emotion etc. And… he does the male voice too. And it’s totally believable. Mallon uses a deeper voice, one with a rich bass tone. There was never any question about who was speaking or whose narration we were hearing. The reader often moves from one character to another. All the work, and Mallon does it very well.

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Reading The Noel Stranger by Richard Paul Evans is like sitting in a comfortable armchair in warm clothes with a cup of hot tea close by, your love close by and your dog at your feet. He is initially so realistic in his characters.

This story takes place around the holiday season, but it begins with the misery Maggie Walther goes through because she divorced her husband for nine years after discovering he had another wife (and children) in another state . Images of darkness and hiding versus light and life fill the first half of the book’s very short chapters. The moments when she raises her head and sees the sympathy of others, allows the reader to understand how deeply rooted Maggie is in her depression because of the situations in her life. After meeting Andrew Hill, a Christmas tree entrepreneur, Maggie gradually begins to see beauty and love in the world.

Evans adds a few twists along the way that make the story more intriguing, and also throws in a few diversions to throw you off track. For a Christmas story filled with hope, forgiveness and love, grab The Noel Stranger.

Richard Paul Evans stands out again with The Noel Stranger. This is a sweet and captivating love story between vulnerable Maggie and handsome Andrew that will keep the reader hooked and guessing until the very last page. It’s impossible not to bond with and care for these characters, as well as those they meet throughout their blossoming romance. The lavish descriptions of the locations used in the story, as well as an enticing menu of drool-worthy foods, are exceptional. Charming and emotionally complete, with a brilliant, mind-blowing twist, it’s impossible to put down.

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RPE knows how to captivate audiences with masterful imagery and heartfelt emotions. The Noel Stranger is no exception. I really enjoyed losing myself in this book. If you’re only reading one Christmas story this season, do this one!

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