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The Palace Papers book pdf download for free or read online, also The Palace Papers pdf was written by Tina Brown.

TINA BROWN is an award-winning writer and also the editor and founder of the Women in the World Summit. Between 1979 and 2001 she was an editor at Tatler, Vanity Fair and also The New Yorker.

BookThe Palace Papers
AuthorTina Brown

The Palace Papers Book PDF download for free

The Palace Papers Book PDF download for free

“Never again” became Queen Elizabeth II’s mantra shortly after the tragic death of Princess Diana. More specifically, there could never ever be “another Diana,” the family member whose worldwide popularity very outshined, overshadowed, and also posed an the existential threat to British monarchy .

Picking up where Tina Brown’s masterful The Diana Chronicles left off, The Palace Papers reveals how the royal family reinvented itself after the traumatic years in which Diana’s celebrity swept through the House of Windsor like the comet.

Brown takes readers on a tour de force through the scandals, love affairs, power games and betrayals that have plagued the monarchy for the past 25 years. We see Queen’s very stoic determination after the deaths of the Princess Margaret, Queen Mother, and the Prince Philip, her partner of the seven decades, and how she triumphs in her Jubilee years even as the family troubles the rage around her.

Brown examines Prince Charles’ determination to make Camilla Parker Bowles his wife, tensions between William and Harry going “different paths”, the rise of Kate Middleton, the fall of Prince Andrew and Harry and Meghan’s surprise decision to surrender like a king. Despite even the fragile monarchy’s best efforts, “never again” seems to be the fast approaching.

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Tina Brown has been observing and documenting the British monarchy for three decades, and her comprehensive account is packed with powerful revelations, newly reported details and insightful insights gained through remarkable access to royals. Elegant, witty and erudite, The Palace Papers will irrevocably change the way the world perceives and understands the royal family.

The Palace Papers Book PDF download for free

The book isn’t the outrageous gossip you might think, but a fairly factual account of events with particularly relevant background information. Brown is particularly good at describing the social environment in which the characters find themselves or seek to find themselves.

Despite complaints from Meghan’s fans about the unfairness of her treatment of Meghan, Andrew is the only member of the royal family to fall apart, but he deserves it for his meanness, arrogance and stupidity. The media, particularly the tabloids and paparazzi, are also criticized when Brown describes the truly appalling hacking campaign by Murdoch’s team. It was incredibly awful.

Brown dedicates a lot of space to Harry and Meghan to explain why they behave the way they do. Harry has been an angry and tormented soul since childhood, finding meaning and fulfillment only in the military. Unfortunately, he couldn’t remain Lieutenant Wales. career. Meghan has been an ambitious and driven person since childhood, torn by her desire to both be someone and an agent for good.

It’s clear Harry wanted to step out of royal life and Meghan was the catalyst that made that happen. According to Brown (and many others), they both love drama and suspense. The pre-wedding turmoil began because Meghan couldn’t or wouldn’t understand how the palace worked (assuming the royal courtiers and staff were the same as the contract employees at the NBC studios, as the intimate Angela Kelley of Reina was). only a wardrobe assistant) and the palace could not understand Meghan’s openness in California and her do-it-yourself attitude.

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Cultural conflicts at their worst. Instead of trying to be a peacemaker, Harry just stoked the flames. It was a sad result, as the Queen, Philip, Charles and senior courtiers welcomed Meghan and welcomed anything she could contribute to royal mysticism. The only entities that caused problems early on were the British media, particularly the tabloids, who were still the same old villains.

Brown comments that Meghan could have been spared some heartache if Piers Morgan had been invited to the wedding instead of George Clooney. Only time will tell if Sussex’s attempts at media empire building will be successful or not. Brown seems to think they haven’t accomplished much yet and that Diana’s media was much more organized before her death.

The surprise for me was Brown’s treatment of Camilla and Catherine and Carole Middleton. His description of Camilla’s upbringing as part of the whole English county was interesting and went a long way towards explaining Camilla’s behavior. Brown doesn’t approve of the affair or the way it was conducted, but as a person, Camilla comes across as down-to-earth, charming, and attractive, without the emotional baggage that plagues everyone but Kate. For Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, nothing but bouquets exist.

The girl who was seen as a rather harmless, uninteresting and ambitious social climber has become a compassionate and caring rock of steel for William and ultimately for the Crown. She’s certainly none other than a smart, emotionally stable, down-to-earth player in family drama. Brown also praised her parents, especially Carole, for their stability, success as parents and as entrepreneurs. There is no typically English snobbery in Brown’s treatment. She admires his bourgeois values.

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All in all, a readable and credible attempt to explain the current state of the palace and monarchy. The Queen, Prince Philip, Camilla and Catherine are praised. Charles receives both the warts and his halo. William is praised for surviving the trauma of his childhood and early adolescence (he knew full well what was going on in his parents’ marriage) and for becoming a compassionate and considerate future king. Harry and Meghan explain themselves through the lens of their own childhood traumas (Meghan’s was probably a lot more difficult and broken than she’s admitted to). Andrew and the tabloids get what they deserve.

The common thread running through here is family and what they do to us (Philip Larkin’s famous phrase springs to mind). The only members of the royal family to have had a normal and stable childhood are Camilla and Catherine. Brown comments that one of the strengths of the monarchy since George V has been the support of marriage. George VI became an admirable king thanks to his wife’s constant support and care. Philip was truly the strength and support of Elizabeth II. Charles and William could also be successful monarchs because of the women they married.

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