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The Penalty Shot book pdf download for free or read online, also The Penalty Shot pdf was written by Maren Moore.

Maren Moore, an Amazon Top 20 bestselling author, writes sports romantic comedies starring alpha dads. Your heroines are BFF material, and you can always look forward to a HEA with plenty of spice. When she’s not typing in front of her computer, you can curl her up with her Kindle, watch Netflix, or chase after her little ones.

BookThe Penalty Shot
AuthorMaren Moore
Size450 KB

The Penalty Shot Book PDF download for free

The Penalty Shot Book PDF download for free

The Penalty Shot, book five in the Totally Pucked series, is a completely self-contained book.

The Penalty Shot Book Pdf Download

The longer I sit with this one, the more I love it. They really are the cutest couple. With every book Maren publishes, I think I’ve found my favorite pair, but then she takes it a step further.

The Characters : Asher Hart is a smoky, heavily tattooed nerdy cinnamon bun. & his dirty talk game is second to none. Alex is an eight-year-old boy who is wise beyond his years. His love of comics and art leads him to his unlikely sidekick, Asher. Auden Claire is a 5’1″ single mom trying to give her son the best life. She keeps having unpleasant encounters with her neighbor. This trio of characters quickly melted my heart and became one of my favorite characters on the show.

Let’s set the scene : A series of (unfortunate) events leads to Asher and Auden needing a roommate. It makes sense for the two neighbors to help each other out and move in together. Easy? Right?

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The plot: 10.10. It’s so hard to talk about this couple because I want to scream from the rooftops how cute they were and spoil all the reasons. But instead I’ll just say that this book felt like a warm hug. While the previous books were also happily ever after, this one felt a little different.

A feel-good book from cover to cover. It skipped the messy misunderstandings and instead let the characters shine. I found the lack of conflict between the two really refreshing. I loved how well these characters balanced each other. These two are two halves of a whole.

Auden comes from a difficult background and has to overcome a lot throughout the book. Watching her navigate and grow through the horrific situation was very rewarding. He supported her at every step. Asher is by far the best guy in the group of friends. The way he’s so nice to Auden but pushes her to do her best made my heart sink. Even though he seemed so intimidating, his character’s main focus was approval and being a supportive partner/great role model. 1000% the best book friend so far. It will be difficult to top this one.

I look forward to seeing insights into this pair in the following books.

Why you should read it : Honestly, it’s a very good book. If you like good stories where the characters learn to take care of themselves and succeed in the end, this book is for you. PLUS it’s spicy???? What more do you want in life? If you haven’t already, go back and read the entire series. It’s phenomenal, there are so many reasons to fall in love with Asher and Auden’s romance. I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I do.

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This was a perfect blend of sweet and steamy. Asher was the perfect boyfriend from the books. He wasn’t a typical hockey player and you could tell that in the first few sets. He was quiet, artistic and very sweet, which turned out to be exactly what Auden needed.

Asher and Auden were a perfect match. Auden had dedicated his life to his son for the past eight years. Shunned by her family because she got pregnant in high school, she was alone for so long she couldn’t do anything but survive. Until Asher burst into her life. Asher showed Auden that she could be a great mom and be happy. He showed her and told her how love should feel.

She was patient and let Auden steer their relationship while also supporting and encouraging her. Asher was one of the most refreshing heroes I’ve ever read. She was so in tune with her feelings and didn’t shy away from speaking her truth.

Asher’s relationship with Alex was as important to this story as his relationship with Auden. He never shied away from his relationship with Alex and I loved that he took the time to give him one on one attention throughout his relationship with Auden. I loved the similarities between Alex and Asher and the connection they had to their art. Asher, Alex and Auden were the perfect little family.

This was definitely the most exciting book in this series so far. Asher and Auden had very hot chemistry. Asher helped Auden through some very traumatic events and everyone came out stronger. Asher’s character really impressed me. Everything about this book was so well done and it was the perfect romantic escape.

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