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The Perfect Child book pdf download for free or read online, also The Perfect Child pdf was written by Lucinda Berry.

dr Lucinda Berry is a clinical psychologist and a leading researcher on childhood trauma. She now spends her days writing full-time, using her clinical background to blur the line between fiction and non-fiction.

BookThe Perfect Child
AuthorLucinda Berry
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The Perfect Child Book PDF download for free

The Perfect Child Book PDF download for free

Christopher and Hannah are happily married surgeons and nurses with a perfect life. There is only one child left. When Janie, a six-year-old orphan, shows up at his hospital, Christopher instantly connects with her and convinces Hannah that they must bring her home as their own.

But Janie is no ordinary kid, and her damaged psyche proves to be more than her new parents anticipated. Janie is very fond of Christopher, but becomes increasingly disturbing and directs all of her anger at Hannah. Unable to bond with Janie, Hannah chokes under the pressure and Christopher refuses to see Janie’s true nature.

Hannah really knows that the Janie is manipulating the Christopher and isolating him from her, despite Hannah’s attempts to bring them all together. But with Janie’s behavior threatening to tear Christopher and Hannah apart, the truth behind Janie’s past might be enough to drive her over the edge.

The Perfect Child Book Pdf Download

The Perfect Child is a disturbing psychological fiction directed by Lucinda Berry. The story is told from multiple perspectives by Chris and Hannah Bauer, a couple trying to cope with infertility, and Piper, the social worker for horribly abused girl Janie. Janie is found severely abused and severely malnourished in a trailer closet next to her dead mother. Janie easily accepts the treatment with the help of the orthopedist Chris Bauer. From the moment Chris sees Janie, he falls in love. Hannah also wants to help Janie, although she is more hesitant, but something is wrong with the way Janie is treating her.

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This book is a chilling portrayal of what it is like to live with infertility, the costs of adoption, dealing with the mental aftermath of childhood trauma, and the toll it takes on marriages. Janie’s extreme form of reactive attachment disorder is the only part that seems too exaggerated to be realistic, but I’m no expert and have never heard of this disorder before. I had more to do with Hannah, but I hated Chris’ wayward, naïve character with a burning passion like a thousand suns. Piper tried to help the Bauers but was unprofessional and uncommunicative. At the end of the story, I had a hard time deciding who the antagonist was.

Writing made my heart race as I was angry, horrified, disturbed and heartbroken by the vivid imagery and the somber results. I was captivated by Janie’s hidden evil, Hannah and Chris’ unwavering kindness, and Janie’s turbulent adoption journey. Unfortunately the ending was a disappointment. It left me completely dissatisfied with too many unanswered questions. Someone told me I could find the original ending on Lucinda Berry’s Facebook page. I found this video of her reading the original ending and it tied up all the loose ends. This would be a great read for someone who loves addictive and potentially traumatic late night tension that is sure to leave a book hangover.

As someone who has been involved in childcare intermittently for about twenty years, I found the book realistic in some respects and not very accurate in others, but overall the author seems to have a good understanding of how the system works and how it works . it often fails. In the first half of the book, the adoptive father is really portrayed as the very naive, even ignorant man, especially for a doctor. As the book progressed I felt a little more empathy for him, but not much. It’s unfortunate that this man was such a fan of a cute but ultimately bad girl, but that’s how men are often portrayed in books and movies like this.

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I realized that a lot of customer reviews focus on depicting animal cruelty, so I was surprised to see so many things that worried me even more. I’m not trying to downplay what happened to the cat in the story, but after reading the book I’m surprised that so many people find this to be the most disturbing part of this depressing story.

I would have liked to have read more about what happened to this girl when she was with her birth mother, but despite the twist in the plot towards the end, not much is revealed about the girl’s early years. Was there physical and/or sexual abuse by the child’s birth mother and/or father or their friends? Are there genetic factors? The book implies that the girl was downright evil and would have been regardless of where she was born.

Essentially, here you have a contemporary take on The Bad Seed, starring an aspiring teenage serial killer. What is missing is an explanation of why and how. It’s not a horror novel, at least by my definition, that would involve the supernatural. It is never implied that she is possessed by a demon or that she is a daughter of the devil like in the movie Case 39. Also, the author seems to know little about how child abuse investigations are conducted, unlike the individuals who involved case. production of Case 39, and luckily the people who adopted them didn’t just go to an orphanage and pick them out like the parents did in the movie Orphan.

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Overall it was a lot better than I thought after the first half of the book when I considered putting it down and reading something else. I would like to see some more gaps filled, especially in the early stages of the girl’s life.

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