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The Potter book pdf download for free or read online, also The Potter pdf was written by Kristy Marie.

Kristy Marie is an internationally bestselling author who loves writing witty heroines and spirited heroes. She is also a big fan of ripped abs. When Kristy isn’t texting, she’s a total dude and yells at the TV while she watches baseball.

BookThe Potter
AuthorKristy Marie
Size1.6 MB

The Potter Book PDF download for free

The Potter Book PDF download for free

From bestselling author Kristy Marie comes a hilarious new one-shot about a grumpy doctor and his hopeful patient who find love in the most unlikely of places…the exam room.

The Potter Book Pdf Download

Books are magical. I live for those moments where I can lose myself in a story and live vicariously through the characters and the world they live in. Even more so when I find a book that also teaches me a lesson or reminds me of something I may have forgotten in the madness of growing up and real life. This author gave it to me in spades with this book, which shouldn’t surprise me considering she’s managed to do that since I first discovered her work.

I knew from the start that this book was going to be something special, and not just because of the stunning cover (seriously, this cover is aesthetically beautiful and might be my favorite of all their covers, which is saying something because their covers are always amazing ) or the propaganda that caught my attention and excited me more than usual because it has a new story.

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I was correct in my assumption that this was a special book, but not in the way I initially thought it would be. I knew I would have this author’s I LOVE mark, but I wasn’t prepared for the hidden message about forgiveness and the importance of living a life of grace. Something I’ve personally struggled with, especially lately. It is important not only to forgive, but also to forgive yourself. A concept as simple as it is profound.

Halle was a force of a woman and one he admired. Her persistence and perseverance were to be commended. I’m not sure I could forgive what led her to tell the Dr. that she needed Potter’s help. She was full of sass and she wouldn’t let anything stop her from starting a new slab. dr Vance Porter… My God, that wronged man. He reminded me of a wounded wild animal backed into a corner. His first instinct was to fight and that was something he did well. He was no match for that sweet little Georgian woman. At first I thought Halle needed Vance more than she did.

I was wrong in that assumption because he had to learn to forgive simply by forgiving himself. My heart ached why he was like he was he. I can’t even imagine. His chemistry was fiery, his hot moments were more than a moment to bring the book to life, and his lives in each other’s lives were doubled. This book was a mix of humor (there were times when Vance totally reminded me of Theo from the Commander series) that I grew to love and also went deeper and had depth added to it, like Bennett did in Rebel.

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I loved the introduction of Vance’s brothers and another important character that I hope will have his own book later, because I can already tell that there is more to his story. I died for every little morsel involved, especially his camaraderie with Vance. I’m not sure how this author does it, but she’s really mastered the craft of creating sarcastic yet endearing heroes. I love listening to her internal monologues as they reflect on someone who is not alive.

A great epilogue that was bittersweet for not being willing to let those characters go. I can’t wait to see what this author writes next, whether it’s in this world with Astor and Duke Potter, or if it’s my sweet little {name, which I won’t mention because it would spoil how the story went. about}, or when I return to the Commander series, because whatever it is, it’s going to be awesome.

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