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The Queen Of Nothing book pdf download for free or read online, also The Queen Of Nothing pdf was written by Holly Black.

BookThe Queen Of Nothing
AuthorHolly Black
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The Queen Of Nothing Book PDF download for free

The Queen Of Nothing Book PDF download for free

He will destroy the crown and ruin the throne.

Power is really much easier to acquire than to maintain. Jude learned this lesson when he relinquished his control to the evil King Cardan in exchange for untold power.

As a mortal fairy queen in exile, Jude is powerless and suffers from Cardan’s betrayal. She awaits her moment, determined to reclaim everything that he took from her. Opportunity comes in the form of her twin sister, Taryn, whose life is in danger.

Jude must risk venturing back into the treacherous Court of Fairies and confront her lingering feelings for Cardan if she is to save her sister. But Elfhame is not what she left behind. The war is brewing. As Jude penetrates deep behind enemy lines, she becomes entangled in the bloody politics of the conflict.

And when a latent but powerful curse is unleashed, panic spreads across the land, forcing them to choose between her ambition and their humanity. . .

The Queen Of Nothing Book Pdf Download

The Queen of Nothing has been one of my most anticipated releases of the year ever since the January 2020 release date was pushed back to November 2019 and I’m happy to say that it didn’t disappoint.

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Now banished from the land of fairies, Jude, despite being their High Queen, attempts to live her life in the mortal world with her older sister Vivi and little brother Oak, taking on a few odd jobs for other fairies living in the world. the world of mortals. . When her sister Taryn shows up on her doorstep with startling news and asks Jude for help, she can’t help but return to Faerie and the place she calls home.

Of course, since he is Jewish, chaos ensues.

It was very satisfying to see Taryn finally come to her senses in this book and that Jude, Taryn, and Vivi were a caring little coven of sisters. I spent much of the novel, as did Jude, feeling nervous that Taryn might betray her again, but Taryn finally found her own voice in this third and final book, and she no longer needs Locke and Madoc to make her decisions for her. she meets. your. Seeing the three sisters finally work together was one of my favorite things about this book.

But I really can’t deny that I also really loved all the scenes that Jude and Cardan shared. I don’t know what works for me about this series because Cardan was meant to be the kind of YA love interest that I hate, but him and Jude are like two sides of the same coin and it just works. Cardan is much softer in this book than he was in the previous books, but given the glimpse into his past that we get right at the beginning of this novel, I think it makes sense, and to be honest, Cardan is the softer character of his and Jew. .

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It’s probably hard to believe in The Cruel Prince when he and his friends are so evil, but Jude goes straight to murdering people throughout this series (and it’s amazing), while Cardan’s behavior is some kind of armor he had to build because of the world. and the family into which he was born. I find it really interesting, it reminds me a bit of Baz from Carry On, who is also a secret mess under his layers of venom, and I really enjoyed all of his scenes.

That doesn’t mean this book isn’t without its problems, and I have a feeling it’s going to be a pretty controversial ending, not because of its ending or anything like that, but because of how we got to that ending. Like the other books in this trilogy, The Queen of Nothingness moves at a fairly fast pace and there are plenty of moments that could have been lengthened or resolved.

For example, I thought we could learn a little more about Jude’s parents, especially Jude’s mother, and I’m surprised Cardan’s mother didn’t play a bigger role in the book. Then again, his stories were never really the point of this trilogy. We can delve into the kind of mothers we all like, but what really matters is how their upbringing left Jude and Cardan the way they are. Not only that, in Jude’s case, Madoc is the father who influenced her the most; it is Madoc who, for better or worse, has turned Jude into the scheming queen of Slytherin that she is.

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In a way, I quite liked that Cardan’s mother teased Jude about the stories she might tell Jude about his own mother’s behavior, but Jude never takes that bait. Maybe someday in her own time she’ll learn more about her mother, but ultimately Jude got to where he is through her own blood, sweat and tears and she doesn’t need the stories about anyone who’s come before her. To confirm. I love that.

I could see very quickly where the plot was going and I could immediately guess the solution to the novel’s main problem, but I honestly didn’t care. This series is so much fun to read; these books are like popcorn, sweet and salty and more, and I read this entire trilogy outright this year to be transported and entertained elsewhere. This latest book kept doing that for me, and I really enjoyed it!

I can’t even say I’m sad that this series is ending now because a story arc came to an end and it felt like a fitting ending, even though we got to that ending a lot easier than I expected, but I’d love to. Seeing Holly Black write more books set in the world of fairies because her world building in this trilogy is one of my favorite things.

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