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The Reckoning book pdf download for free or read online, also The Reckoning pdf was written by John Grisham.

Long before his name became synonymous with the modern legal thriller, he worked 60 to 70 hours a week at a small law firm in Southaven, Mississippi, spending plenty of time before work and during office breaks. court to work on his hobby. job: write his first novel.

BookThe Reckoning
AuthorJohn Grisham
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The Reckoning Book PDF download for free

The Reckoning Book PDF download for free

October 1946, Clanton, Mississippi

Pete Banning was the favorite son of Clanton, Mississippi: a distinguished World War II hero, patriarch of a prominent family, farmer, father, neighbor, and staunch member of the Methodist Church.

Then, one crisp October morning, he got up early, drove into town, and committed a shocking crime. Pete’s only statement on the matter, to the sheriff, his attorneys, the judge, the jury and his family, was, “I have nothing to say.”

In a great novel the likes of which he has never written before, John Grisham takes us on an incredible journey from the Jim Crow South to the jungles of the Philippines during World War II; from an insane asylum full of secrets to the Clanton courtroom, where Pete’s defense attorney is desperate to save him.

The Reckoning Book Pdf Download

I have read every John Grisham adult novel since A Time to Kill and have reviewed many on Amazon. I can’t understand why Grisham published this book. My reaction is not to the small amount of legal elements in the story, as Grisham has become an excellent novelist in the last few decades.

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In addition to being compelling stories (or “page turners” as I call them), he has recently used them to educate his readers on various facets of the legal system, from mass damages attorneys to public interest attorneys to supervising judge attorneys. . And indeed, each of the three story capsules is well written. What bothers me is the intense focus on violence and shocking human humiliation, the lack of suspense, and the fact that the three story sections don’t mesh well.

The first part of the story is set on the Mississippi River in 1946 and focuses on the novel’s main character, cotton farmer Peter Banning, fresh from his days as a prisoner of war and guerrilla fighter against the Japanese invaders in the Philippines. Many had assumed that he was dead during his several year absence, so he returns as a hero.

A West Pointer and upstanding citizen of the cotton farming community, Pete goes to the local church one day and gives a local vicar three bullets. He does not deny his crime or authorize a judicial defense and, what is more puzzling, offers no explanation for his strange act. As a result, he suffers the ultimate punishment in this capital murder case, leaving behind his wife and two teenage sons. I thought this clever section got the book off to a good start.

My problems started with the middle section, which actually takes place before the first section, after Pete rejoins the army and is sent to fight in the Philippines in 1941. After some initial fighting with Japanese troops, Pete is captured and sent to the infamous Bataan Death March. True to history, Japanese soldiers treat Americans in the most cruel and inhuman way imaginable on the long march to a prison: for about 100 pages, over and over again.

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Why do you have to go into the most intimate and bloody details over and over again? – turns the stomach of the reader. Again, I’m not criticizing the author’s considerable skill in capturing these horrific details, just wondering why roughly 1/3 of the novel has to be devoted to this inhumane spectacle. The section also tells how Pete joined a guerrilla organization and killed many Japanese troops while sustaining serious injuries himself. Even more violence.

The final section goes back to 1946-49 and covers the chaos in his family that results from the murder. The victim’s family files a wrongful death lawsuit against Pete and his estate, and they seem determined to seize the family’s farmland, house and other assets if they are victorious. We do have some legal activity here and no one handles this type of material like Grisham, but there is little suspense or excitement as the case is open and shut.

What turns out to be the best lyrics in the book is the turmoil of Pete’s wife, who lives in an insane asylum, his sister, who has health problems, and the stress their children go through trying to go to college without a mother or father to finish. And in true Grisham fashion, we get a surprise ending and actually learn why he killed the Minister.

Grisham has already proven irrefutably that he has become an excellent novelist, skilled at crafting dialogue and plots to tell remarkable stories. He doesn’t need to write about Bataan, bloody guerrilla operations, a family’s plight or any other non-legal subject to demonstrate his versatility. On the other hand, he has evolved taking on new challenges, and perhaps this book was written with that in mind. Grisham in all aspects is worth reading, here too.

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