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The Red Book book pdf download for free or read online, also The Red Book pdf was written by James Patterson.

JAMES PATTERSON is one of the best-known and best-selling authors of all the time. His books have sold more than 375 million copies worldwide.

BookThe Red Book
AuthorJames Patterson
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The Red Book Book PDF download for free

The Red Book Book PDF download for free

It’s just a normal work week for Detective Billy Harney to be shot in the head, followed by a prosecutor and charged with murder by his peers. When a drive-by shooting on Chicago’s west side becomes political, it paves the way for a quick fix. But Harney’s instincts (her father was a former police chief and her twin sister Patti is also on the force) run deep. When a justice-hungry populace threatens riots, he realizes the three known victims aren’t the only victims.

When Harney starts asking questions about whose fault it is, the easy answers turn out to be the wrong ones. On the other hand, the less he seems to know, the longer he can continue his clandestine investigations. . . until Harney’s attempt to uncover the evil rotting the town from within leads him to the one place he has vowed never to return: his own troubled past.

The Red Book Book Pdf Download

Well, I always love reading a James Patterson book. Surprises, a bit of fun and lots of action are always waiting for you.

This is the second about police detective Billy Harney. As an honest cop, he had to testify against some police officers at his station. After his absence from work, he now gets a call and knows that he will probably get an office job. But he was assigned to the newly formed SOS unit. A unit that will try to take back Chicago without all the drug dealing and crime.

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Billy’s first task is touching. The gang members have killed another member of a rival gang, but the city is ready to support them as they also killed an innocent child. They put Billy in charge and assigned him a partner they think he doesn’t like. Was she sent to spy on Billy while he battles his own demons?

After reading a book by Phillip Margolin, I started this one. I found the plot very good and very interesting, but the book doesn’t have the fluid writing style that Margolin’s book has. Therefore, despite the good plots.

One plot focuses on the detective’s rejection by his peers. He uncovered the work of many corrupt police officers, including those in very high positions and even his own father. But the cops stick together and they didn’t like what he was doing, even though he was doing the right thing. But then there’s a shooting in Chicago and a boy gets shot.

He is the lead detective and discovers the two men who fired the gun. He saved Chicago from a planned riot and became a hero. The policemen accepted it again. But unknown to him and others, he did not find the real killers. A corrupt Chicago cop paid by the gang made it so everyone would think he’d found the right killers.

The other plot related to this one relates to the death of his wife four years ago and a gang forcing young women into prostitution. He thought his wife committed suicide but finds out there was a cover-up. His wife was killed to hide the fact that she was a lawyer trying to find out how girls were being forced into prostitution.

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This second entry in the Black Book series offers a tight presentation from start to finish, but I’m not sure the audio book is the best place to start. The writing creates a very dark, dramatic and haunting mood. In audio format, it’s hard to follow as the tracks are intentionally scattered and confusing. However, I’m glad I stuck with it. As things unfold, the story wraps itself in a clever construction. It’s very well done, very intense, with a gripping performance. The pages carry a crushing undertone, raw and vulnerable. *Ellis is one of Patterson’s best co-writers.

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