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The Rising Tide book pdf download for free or read online, also The Rising Tide pdf was written by Ann Cleeves.

Ann grew up in the country, first in the Herefordshire and then in the North Devon. Her father was a school teacher in the village. After dropping out of college, she worked a variety of part-time jobs – babysitter, manager of a women’s shelter, cook at a bird observatory, assistant coast guard – before returning to college and training to be a police officer. conditional freedom.

BookThe Rising Tide
AuthorAnn Cleeves

The Rising Tide Book PDF download for free

The Rising Tide Book PDF download for free

For fifty years, a group of friends have held regular gatherings on Holy Island to celebrate the school trip they met on and the friend they lost five years later to the dam’s rising tide. When one of them is found hanged, Vera is summoned. When she learns that the dead man was recently fired following accusations of misconduct, Vera knows she must find out what the friends are hiding and whether events from many years ago could have led to the murder then and now. . .

But as the tide rises, long-hidden secrets are coming to the surface, and Vera and her team may be in more danger than they ever thought possible. . .

The Rising Tide Book PDF download for free

So here we have the latest Vera novel by Ann Cleeves, and it’s definitely worth a read. I know some weren’t thrilled with the previous book in the series, but here the author gives us a great read and is definitely firing on all cylinders. The story begins on Holy Island, where a small group of people gather for a meeting, which they have done every five years for the last fifty years, although there has been one death at the first meeting.

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Just before the weekend begins, one of those present is found dead in his room and it looks like a suicide. After all, this was a man who was in the media and had recently lost his job by being publicly shamed. It’s Vera’s so-called weekend, but of course she’s going to be called and called back to work soon, and she doesn’t think it’s a simple case of self-harm.

This story takes us into the lives and pasts of the characters as Vera and her team try to find out what happened on the night of the death, and as her network expands, more and more possible suspects come to light, including the family. from your boss. . Cleeves manages to keep the tension high all the time, even when another death occurs, and it seems the police will never find a way to solve the case. With all the makings of a great Vera novel, this will more than satisfy her loyal fans and attract many new ones. If you love crime fiction that’s engaging and highly entertaining, you can’t go wrong with this maximum suspense book.

A great story with twists and turns and really quite stressful that will also have you on the edge of your seat as we head towards the final denouement where we will find out who the killer is and how far some will go in the past to keep him. buried. For this purpose, the publisher was kind enough to provide me with an e-ARC to review via NetGalley, but of course, as a keen fan, I simply had to purchase the novel to publish.

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The story is well crafted. A group of friends meet every five years on a remote island called Holy Island, where a teacher once took them on a kind of retreat. They have been together for fifty years. Vera is called to the place when one of them appears hanged. Rick Kelsall was a TV star who was recently fired for harassment. So there’s a bit of “me too” woven into this story.

Vera, who had her own problems at a young age, concludes that the crime stems from something in the past. So she and her team start looking for secrets among her circle of friends. Oddly enough, all the suspects are older.

The characters are well done and the research is quite interesting. But I think I enjoyed Vera Stanhope’s earlier novels a bit more. This one also ends sadly, and I prefer upbeat or neutral endings, a character flaw on my part.

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