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The RSVP book pdf download for free or read online, also The RSVP pdf was written by Lauren Blakely.

BookThe RSVP
AuthorLauren Blakely
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The RSVP Book PDF download for free

The RSVP Book PDF download for free

Our days are full of mysteries. Our nights are for seduction…

For the past year, I’ve wished for someone I can’t have.

The man my father built his last multi-million dollar business with.

He’s a decade older than me and it’s totally illegal.

The fact that he never gave me a second look only makes him miss him more.

The RSVP Pdf Download

But other night, across the room at a gala, everything really changed. His melancholy gaze lingered on me and darkened.

So I’m really done being the good girl.

I’ll be 21 tomorrow. As a gift to myself, I really plan to seduce my father’s business partner.

Happy birthday to me

RSVP is the first book in The Virgin Society series and this forbidden romance is a great start to the series!

Harlow turns 21 and wants one for her birthday; her father’s business partner to notice her. She’s been in love with Bridger for as long as she can remember, but both the decades-long age difference and the fact that he works with her father are two things that could lead to complications.

When Harlow interns at her father’s and Bridger’s company, she is able to spend more time with him. Bridger is attracted to her, but knows the impact this could have on both his future at the company and his relationship with his business partner. When Harlow and Bridger’s chemistry reaches a point where it can no longer be denied, Bridger knows the relationship must remain a secret for now, but how long can that last?

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I really liked Bridger and Harlow’s relationship. They stood up for each other, helped each other and obviously loved each other. I felt that both characters also grew individually over the course of the book as they had to face situations and make decisions to go with them.

Falling in love with an older man is hard enough, but when that man is your father’s business partner, it takes it to another level. When Harlow and Bridger finally stop flirting and discover their true feelings, it’s imperative to keep the relationship under wraps. But when this mystery is revealed, will it be bliss or humiliation that the two must go through? With great characters and a story that will make you blush through the steamy scenes and smile through the romance, this was a wonderful read. Lauren Blakely combines taboo with true love, and the reader crosses the other side with joy.

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