Download The Rules Of Dating [PDF] By Penelope Ward

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The Rules Of Dating book pdf download for free or read online, also The Rules Of Dating pdf was written by Penelope Ward.

BookThe Rules Of Dating
AuthorPenelope Ward
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The Rules Of Dating Book PDF download for free

The Rules Of Dating Book PDF download for free

Billie Holland is a tattoo shop owner who just got rid of her cheating ex in a spectacular way… right in front of her hot new landlord. She’s sassy, ​​daring, funny and has her own sense of style.

Colby Lennon is a busy man who is an architect, landlord and single father. He is fascinated at first sight. He’s handsome, loving, and determined to spend more time with Billie.

Billie is determined to get him to work for it. From refusing a date with friends to dating no dates, he perseveres and finally has her exactly where he wants her.

But sometimes life can surprise you with unexpected complications. And this is a mess!

This is a sweet, slow, heartbreaking, opposite attraction, single dad romance with some unique challenges. I have to admit that I was very frustrated with certain parts of the story and not sure how things would work out. But the drama definitely increased as the book progressed. This is quite a long story with a slower build and they have quite a few challenges to overcome.

The Rules Of Dating Book Pdf Download

The dynamic duo are back in a surprising romance that evokes contrasts. And how could he have expected less when these two wordsmiths come together? Dating rules are tough. I laughed out loud, ooh and aah, and there were times I sat on the edge of my seat. I could have scolded one of the characters at the beginning.

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But wait! Before that even crossed my mind, I met Colby Lennon and Billie, whose simple everyday actions touched my heart. I learned the reasons behind their weird dating rules and understood why they both needed them.

However, if he had been in Colby’s shoes, he would have walked a mile after his first meeting with Billie. But he didn’t because, he had to introduce himself! I liked her openness, her thoughtfulness and when push comes to shove she is unwavering in her determination. A helping hand from Billie and her three loyal friends didn’t hurt either.

billy What a scream, what a sharp cracker, what a generous soul! I liked his job, which fits perfectly into the scheme. His colleague, always ready to give him good advice, is endearing despite his antics.

Okay, so I’m a prankster snob! I can’t get enough, and as always, the writers went to town with sexy innuendos, hilarious comebacks, and one-liners. However, Colby and Billie’s story isn’t all fun and games. A central character they want to protect from a backlash of circumstances that I never had to question brought out all my emotions.

Another aspect I really enjoyed reading about was the pros and cons of certain laws. As the anxiety peaked towards the end of the book, I couldn’t wait to find out if my prediction was correct. Here I have to say that what happened left me with a lighter heart than I could have imagined the worst.

This gripping, slow-burning romance will delight readers who love strong character development woven into a standout plot. Ladies, I look forward to more: nudge, nudge, wink, wink!

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What a roller coaster of emotions! Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland once again worked their magic in this unique and entertaining romance that had as many laughs and flirtatious scenes as serious and emotional moments.

This book had so many feelings and emotions! Friendship, anticipation, desire, lust, disappointment and love. I felt them all at some point while reading this book, and it was a direct result of the fabulous writing of the Penelope Ward/Vi Keeland combo. I really loved Colby and Billie’s friendship, and I certainly felt the sparks in their attraction.

I loved their banter, I loved how they nurtured their friendship and grew it into what would eventually form the solid foundation of their romance. I loved how despite all of that, the chemistry between them was still there. I enjoyed every step of their journey to becoming a HEA and felt totally emotionally invested in the characters. I laughed at some points and also shed some tears at others. I felt her happiness and I felt her pain, but in the end it was all worth it.

The Rules Of Dating was a flirtatious, fun, slow-moving romance between friends and lovers that was filled with emotion, angst and explosive chemistry. I really enjoyed this book! It’s a sexy story with fabulous jokes and an unexpected love that will shock me in every way.

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