Download The Second Blind Son [PDF] By Amy Harmon

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The Second Blind Son book pdf download for free or read online, also The Second Blind Son pdf was written by Amy Harmon.

BookThe Second Blind Son
AuthorAmy Harmon
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The Second Blind Son Book PDF download for free

The Second Blind Son Book PDF download for free

An insidious curse is weakening the Norse kingdom of the Saylok, where no daughters ever have been born in years. Ghisla, an orphaned stowaway whom Hod, a blind caveman, is nursing back to health. Hod is named after a mysterious god and is surrounded by prophecies. To Ghisla he is a dear new friend, but to Hod the girl is so much more. Because when Ghisla sings, Hod can see.

Unable to offer Ghisla a safe haven, Hod urges her to become a daughter of the temple where all the girls of the kingdom gather. But due to a magical rune, the two cannot be separated regardless of time or distance.

Now at the mercy of a ruthless king, Ghisla enters a desperate world of warring clan chiefs and disastrous power struggles. Not knowing whom to trust, Ghisla and Hod find their bond strained by dangerous secrets and conflicting loyalties. They must face the prophecies that threaten Saylok while finding a way to save each other.

The Second Blind Son Book PDF download for free

First let me say that this book was phenomenal! You know how to read a book. You enjoy the book. It can be very funny and entertaining or engaging while you’re at it, but when you turn the last page and close the book, you’re done. You are ready for your next reading adventure. Well, for me it was not that kind of book. Days have passed and I can’t stop thinking about this story.

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I don’t have the words or the writing skills to adequately express how much I loved this story or to adequately revise it. It played like a movie in my head from page one to the last page. When I was done, all I wanted to do was go back to the beginning and start over. I will very soon. This way of transporting myself to another time, to another place, to another country is the yearning of the heart of my faithful reader.

If you enjoyed The First Girl Child, you will love The Second Blind Son. For me it was just more. More romance. More longing, more fear. Oh, sometimes my heart hurts so much. There is more magic and myth! more danger The stakes seem higher this time. Hod was a hero like no other I have ever read. He was exceptional in every way. Passionate, protective, strong, tender, intelligent. All! Ghisla was absolutely a woman I wanted by my side. She loved her to pieces. She was very, very strong. And protective. And smart. She was so misunderstood. He just wanted to relieve her of her burden.

Although this was the second book in The Saylok Chronicles, it can be read as a stand-alone book. It happened at the same time as The First Girl Child. Those characters were present in this book, but that was the perspective of the events of Hod and Ghisla. Both books stand on their own as stand-alone stories, but each enriches the other book. I will absolutely reread The First Girl Child (again) after reading this one.

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If you like fantasy, Norse mythology, magic and angsty romance combined with a power-hungry corrupt king leaving the country on the verge of implosion and on the brink of war, plus some truly exceptional writing/storytelling; So the book is for you. Happy reading!!

I really enjoyed the story and of course the characters, but one thing I’m not a big fan of in fantasy is romance, and I know it seems a bit strange knowing that the author is also a novelist. That wasn’t my thing so I skipped it when I could. There isn’t much, but I’m not a fan of that.

The other thing that annoyed me a bit was that the narrator Rob Shapiro would simply refuse to sing if there was a song snippet on the page. It’s hard to get a narrator not to do this when a character in the book is a “song”. Despite all that, it ends pretty well, and while I’m not a fan of fantasy romance, I’m still looking forward to Volume 3. But please, make a “story so far!”

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