Download The Secret By The Lake [PDF] By Louise Douglas

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The Secret By The Lake book pdf download for free or read online, also The Secret By The Lake pdf was written by Louise Douglas.

BookThe Secret By The Lake
AuthorLouise Douglas
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The Secret By The Lake Book PDF download for free

The Secret By The Lake Book PDF download for free

When tragedy forces the family Amy babysits for to retreat to a small lakeside cabin, she realizes they desperately need her help and support and agrees to go with them.
But Amy finds the lakeside cabin unsettling, even creepy. The house is where the children’s mother spent her childhood and where her seventeen-year-old sister mysteriously disappeared.

It doesn’t take long for the sinister truths to come to light, and Amy is enchanted by the story of the missing sister. Can Amy solve the mysteries of the past before they repeat themselves?

House by the Sea bestselling author Louise Douglas returns with a gripping and captivating novel perfect for fans of Barbara O’Neal, Lucinda Riley and Rachel Hore.

The Secret By The Lake Book Pdf Download

Amy enjoys her position as a nanny for the privileged Laurent family in France; But everything will change when tragedy strikes and Julia Laurent and her daughter Viviane are forced to retire to the Somerset town of Blackwater, where Julia grew up as a child.

Amy decides to support Julia and her daughter as they deal with her grief, but when she moves into the abandoned cabin on the shore of Lake Blackwater, she has to deal with more than she ever thought possible. There is a strange and eerie presence in the cabin, with strange noises emanating from the empty bedroom of Juliet’s long-dead sister Caroline. Even more disturbing is the fact that young Viviane has a new imaginary friend who is also named Caroline.

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As the atmosphere turns more sinister and events take a frosty turn, Amy tries to find out what happened to Caroline and why she has such an obscure name in town. Will she discover the dark truth of the past and will she be able to prevent the present danger that lies in wait for her?

Atmospheric, exciting and dark; For fans of Louise Douglas, this is sure to be a treat. The story takes place in the early 1960s, primarily in the remote town of Blackwater with its vast and haunting lake; and Douglas does an impressive job of bringing her setting to life, capturing the lake in all of its changing moods, the location greatly contributing to the tense and creepy atmosphere of the book.

This story veers more into the supernatural than the previous one, and I think it’s the scariest one yet; in fact, it reads more like a proper ghost story than his previous thrillers. That said, the real horrors underlying the book are very human and real in nature; the truth, once revealed, truly terrifying and tragic. As with most of her books, the story is told at a smooth pace, slowly building to a tense climax as mysteries are gradually revealed. As a result, the book can feel a bit slow and repetitive at times, but I felt it fit and added to the tension of the book.

Douglas also has a soft and tender romance developing between Amy and one of the villagers, Daniel Cummings; which provides a nice contrast to the darker elements of the story, while also being an important character in the plot. I guessed at some plot points, though I wasn’t sure I was right, and I certainly didn’t quite put it all together; Douglas, however, places her clues in the story, which is cleverly told.

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After an excellent read of Peter May’s Black House, that proved impossible. There was no deep characterization, no attention to detail, no style, and just not the slightest bit of literary flair. I have been extremely remiss in choosing what to read lately and have relied on 5 star reviews when I should have been more critical and heeded the one star reviews.

Alarm bells should have been ringing when it came to the cover, too. This reeked of romantic fiction of the worst kind. I didn’t finish the book because I didn’t care what would happen to Amy, her “friend of hers” Julia or Vivi, and I wasn’t the least bit curious about what had happened to Caroline. Rarely have I been so disinterested at the start of a new book.

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