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The Shadow’s Deadline book pdf download for free or read online, also The Shadow’s Deadline pdf was written by Mary Stone.

BookThe Shadow’s Deadline
AuthorMary Stone
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The Shadow’s Deadline Book PDF download for free

The Shadow's Deadline Book PDF download for free

If death has a deadline…

No sooner has the late Sheriff Alden Wallace been buried than another body is found on Shadow Island. Once again, former FBI agent turned Acting Sheriff Rebecca West’s vacation plans will have to wait.

This time the victim is the son of a privileged elite from Shadow Island. Found in a gruesome pose on a picnic table in the park, suffocated, suffocated, and shot, with a cryptic note pinned to his pants, his death is as personal as it is haunting.

And he is the first on the list of assassins.

When a second young man is similarly murdered, the questions and the stakes rise. Who was so angry with these men? A girl who was treated badly? Or were the murders somehow connected to the secret, exclusive organization of rich men that no one on the island wants to talk about?

The deeper Rebecca digs, the more certain she becomes that the Yacht Club is involved in the island’s crime wave…and the late Sheriff Wallace may have been covering for her. Club members will stop at nothing to keep their secrets. But Rebecca is determined to expose her, no matter the cost to her.

From the provocative beginning to the surprising ending, Shadow’s Deadline, the third book in the Shadow Island series by Mary Stone and Lori Rhodes, will remind you to choose your friends wisely.

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The Shadow’s Deadline Pdf Download

This series just keeps getting better and better. Sheriff Rebecca West is dealing with another murder, actually three more murders. Anything she embarks on turns into murder, intrigue, and more danger for her and her small group of her parliamentarians. She had upset the dreaded “Yacht Club,” and the elite of that group don’t take it well. Her job is threatened along with her life. But she is determined to unravel this mystery piece by piece. Great book with great characters. She is one step closer and I can see another book coming soon as she refuses to give up the search. Hard to put down and worth reading.

On a quiet offshore island, Rebecca West and her team are faced with a new murder. They try to understand why there are suddenly so many murders and kidnappings on this quiet little island. A fascinating story that will make you turn the pages to find out what is happening. She faces many threats during her investigation as she tries to find out if the Yacht Club is involved in any way. Somehow information is leaking out, but she has no idea who is behind it. A true cliffhanger that lets you know the next book will be even better. I wish it would be published now. Highly recommended. You will be glad you chose this book.

The Shadow’s Deadline is the third book in another great series by Mary Stone and Lori Rhodes. They apparently find no rest on the small island. Just when they think they can bury the deceased sheriff, another murder occurs.
The son of a DC lobbyist is found murdered in a park. This gruesome murder will not be the only one. Are you affiliated with the “Yacht Club”? Did the late sheriff cover for the Yacht Club? Will Rebecca and her team solve these murders and stop the Yacht Club? Be sure to read on to find out!

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The Yacht Club has been the de facto enemy of Shadow Island for decades. No one in the sheriff’s department had the courage to stand up to them until Acting Sheriff Rebecca West came to town. The Yacht Club was responsible for the death of the previous sheriff and the prostitution of countless young people on the island. Rebecca West has faced powerful men in the past. The tide is really turning for the boys that are at the Yacht Club. Sheriff West is focused and unafraid.

The Shadow’s Deadline A great sequel to the Rebecca West story. The poor thing looks like she can’t have a vacation. She had just finished her funeral when another call came in, postponing her vacation again.
A rich kid with possible connections to yacht clubs has been brutally murdered. She doesn’t seem to be able to escape it either. west sheriff. Hmm, he could get used to that title, right?

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