Download The Silent Woman [PDF] By Minka Kent

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The Silent Woman book pdf download for free or read online, also The Silent Woman pdf was written by Minka Kent.

BookThe Silent Woman
AuthorMinka Kent
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The Silent Woman Book PDF download for free

The Silent Woman Book PDF download for free

Newly married Jade Westmore has finally found her forever in her husband Wells, a charming, successful and recently divorced architect, there’s just one caveat. Behind the gates of his Elysian estate, hidden from view of the street in the caretaker’s cottage, lives Wells’ first wife, Sylvie.

Three years ago, the original Mrs. Westmore had an unfortunate accident and hasn’t spoken a word since. No world-renowned doctor, psychologist, or specialist could get a single word out of the mute woman…until now.

Every Tuesday while Wells was away, despite instructions never to disturb the frail woman, Jade would visit her isolated predecessor with a peace offering: a bouquet of white lilies. She just hadn’t expected Sylvie to have something for her too: a torn piece of notebook paper with a single word scrawled on it in wobbly black ink.

This word? To run.

The Silent Woman Book Pdf Download

As the new Mrs. Westmore, you have some questions about the first Mrs. Westmore: the quiet woman who lives in the dorm. Jade is convinced that Sylvie’s fall into the pool wasn’t an accident and that there are several potential suspects. Determined to bring Sylvie justice, Jade investigates but never knows what will happen next.

Thirty-something Jade Westmore got more than she bargained for when she started her last job a year ago. As a biographer, she has written the life stories of many high profile women. However, getting the job of writing the authorized life story of the Hollywood icon she idolized even in her youth was a dream come true. Jade has a contract and can make seven figures once Viviette’s bio is out, but in the meantime she has an advance. Before signing the contract, she was overwhelmed with student loans and lived frugally. Today she is living a dream.

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Not only did she get a great writing job, she’s now Mrs. Westmore, the wife of Viviette Westmore’s grandson and heiress. Wells and Jade had a whirlwind romance and got married two months ago. Jade now resides at Viviette’s estate in Brentwood, Westhaven, giving her a unique writing opportunity that she values ​​very much. Surrounded by Viviette’s possessions that have been carefully preserved over time, she studies Viviette’s life on a personal level.

Viviette Westmore died years ago, but 90 percent of her estate passed to her grandson, Wells. Viviette’s daughter, Mary Claire, had grown up a handful and got pregnant at nineteen. Viviette adopted Wells and raised him herself while Mary Claire got on with her life. Since then, Mary Claire and Wells have started to reestablish their relationship, but it’s still a work-in-progress. Jade has yet to meet Well’s mother. Pragmatic and not overly sentimental, she respects her husband’s views of her mother. Mary Claire didn’t have the best relationship with the first Mrs. Westmore, so Jade sees no reason to press the issue.

Wells, in his forties, is a successful architect. He is calm, loyal, sensitive and has an intriguing intensity. You may have inherited a fortune, but you are money conscious. He hopes that his efforts to preserve his grandmother’s estate will one day pay off. His goal is to turn Westhaven into a museum commemorating Vivette’s life. While Wells quickly grew to love Jade, her circumstances are quite unusual. His ex-wife Sylvie lives in the guest house behind the pool.

An accident three years ago damaged her brain and left her unable to communicate. He and Sylvie had made a pact to keep going if anything happened to either of them; As a result, he divorced Sylvie and fell in love with Jade a year ago. Fortunately, she is very supportive of his decision to take care of Sylvie.

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Sylvie Purcell, in her mid-40s, nearly died three years ago. Today she is lost in her head and unable to communicate. Sylvie had a difficult start in life. Growing up in a foster family left its mark. However, she had a stroke of luck and was adopted by a wealthy family as a teenager. She left her hard life behind and became a trust fund girl almost overnight.

She was an active club girl with a large group of friends when Wells came into her life. His outgoing personality didn’t match his introverted nature, but there were other ways in which they were alike. She eventually agreed to marry him and they were a perfect match for three years. The accident is Sylvie’s last clear thought. In the three years since, his life has become unrecognizable.

Jade falls behind with the bio, and when Wells is out of town for a week, she tries to get down to business and do some serious work. When a lively neighbor introduces herself and suggests meeting up, Jade accepts the invitation. She has some questions about the woman who lives at the boarding house, her predecessor, and with Portia claiming to have been Sylvie’s friend, Jade intends to seek answers. She never guesses what’s coming next.

Wow! Jade’s story is a thriller that will really keep you guessing until the very end. Jade is convinced that Sylvie’s fall into the pool wasn’t an accident and that there are several potential suspects. Determined to bring Sylvie justice, Jade investigates and keeps her cards in check. You must discover the truth before the guilty party discovers their own motives.

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Putting your trust in the wrong person could cost you dearly. I changed my theory about what happened repeatedly while reading; it could have gone in several directions. It was a bit predictable in the end, but I felt like there were two facts that were a bit misleading. Spoilers Jade only mentions a few key characteristics about the perpetrator in hindsight. Everything initially points to the opposite. Also, there’s something about Sylvie’s family that seems completely unreal.

Word of mouth would certainly have prevented a circumstance from continuing, and there is one proven relationship that would certainly have resulted in these events being shared unexpectedly. However, this story has me on the edge of my seat. The writing is very good. The story is action driven and complex. The characters are realistic and three-dimensional. The story is written in the first-person perspective of Jade and Sylvie.

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