Download The Stay At Home Mother [PDF] By Nicole Trope

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The Stay At Home Mother book pdf download for free or read online, also The Stay At Home Mother pdf was written by Nicole Trope.

BookThe Stay At Home Mother
AuthorNicole Trope

The Stay At Home Mother Book PDF download for free

The Stay At Home Mother Book PDF download for free

His chest tightens, his heart races. Chaos reigns in the kitchen. Step on something hard and look down. Toy dinosaurs are scattered throughout. But her son is nowhere, her baby is gone.

The police arrive. She cannot look at her husband. Instead, he studies the tangle of lines in his trembling hands.

Then your phone will ring with a voice message. “Listen to it on the speakerphone,” the detective says.

A woman’s voice fills the air.

The Stay At Home Mother Pdf Download

‘I assume this is Andrea Gately, who is listed as a contact on the Missing Children of the World website. I’m calling to tell you that I’ve given your information to the police. Why are you using a photo of my son on a missing children website? Why are you using it and also where did you get it from?

The Stay At Home Mother A must-see psychological thriller that will blow you away with surprise and keep you awake well after bedtime.

Andrea and Terry are a quite typical young couple with a little boy named Jack. Maybe not so typical since Terry is addicted to gambling. The story begins when they lose their home and move to a less desirable place; The house is being repaired by a friend of Andrea’s father until he can sell it. And dad pays the rent. Also, Andrea is pregnant and quite advanced.

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Andrea is rightly bitter about her losses, but ready for a fresh start. How can you be sure Terry won’t play again? Because of this, Andrea has trust issues, but by befriending a neighbor named Gabby, she breaks down some of those walls. Gabby is older than Andrea, has a teenage son who lives at home and a husband who travels most of the time. Gabby seems to have everything under control. Her house is immaculate, her sandwiches are delicious, she’s good with children…

Andrea has a constant offer for Gabby to babysit Jack, but every time he uses her services, Gabby seems to be asking him out and missing deadlines when he’s supposed to come home. Is the neighbor just a good friend or does she want something completely different? Hearing Gabby tell it, she’s busy with her own somewhat rebellious son Flynn, but something about it doesn’t feel good either.

Then there are some weird professions that feel menacing. Andrea doesn’t know if she’s just imagining it or if Terry’s gambling problem has reared its ugly head again. Can she find out the truth before she loses her family forever this time?

Trope knows how to tug at your heart and create a gripping world in his stories that will have you turning the pages to reveal each twist. Gabby was interesting, but I was particularly struck by the complex relationship between Terry and Andrea.


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