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The Stroke Of Winter book pdf download for free or read online, also The Stroke Of Winter pdf was written by Wendy Webb.

BookThe Stroke Of Winter
AuthorWendy Webb
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The Stroke Of Winter Book PDF download for free

The Stroke Of Winter Book PDF download for free

In the resort town of Wharton, on the shore of Lake Superior, Tess Bell is renovating her old family home into a bed and breakfast during the frigid winter…

As the restoration of the house begins, a closed art studio is revealed. Inside are paintings by Tess’s late grandfather, the beloved and celebrated artist Sebastian Bell, that have been hidden for generations.

But these appear to be the works of a twisted mind, almost unrecognizable as the paintings they and others familiar with his art would expect. The eerie canvases raise unsettling questions for Tess, triggering nightmares and sparking an obsession with discovering the truth about her origins.

What evil has been locked away for so many years? Sinister brushstrokes, door scratches, and moving shadows draw Tess deeper and deeper into the darkness in this gory thriller from Amazon’s #1 bestselling author, The Keepers of Metsan Valo.

The Stroke Of Winter Book Pdf Download

I didn’t suspect anyone in Wendy Webb’s The Stroke of Winter.

Tess is turning the family home into a B&B, but there are a few problems: the stove doesn’t work, the doors to her owner’s suite are locked, along with some windows, and some creatures that seem trapped in that room.

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Wyatt is just the guy to fix all of this. He is not only a first class craftsman, he also makes your heart beat faster. He is a city dweller, tall, handsome and says all the right things. Thanks to his neighbor, the problems in the house can be solved… or not.

Webb is a great storyteller and for this book she does just that by using the two leads and the development of their relationship. As Tess and Wyatt get to know each other, the details of this generational mystery will be revealed. Her prose is lyrical and a smooth blend of description and action. At the limit of cozy, you will not be attacked with profanity, sexual content or violence. The dialogue flows naturally and is appropriate for the age of the characters.

A well-hidden secret kept me guessing until the very last pages. There’s enough paranormal to be creepy, but not so much that you can say, “Yeah, sure!”

I have chills… and they are definitely multiplying! This is the perfect moody read for those cold fall days, and with Halloween and winter fast approaching, this tale will give you goosebumps pretty quickly.

I have enjoyed several of Webb’s books and love how she returns to the gothic city of Wharton. Although other stories unfold here, you don’t need to know the characters to immerse yourself in this narrative. It comes across as such an interesting place that I wish it was a place to visit, although probably not on Halloween when things definitely “get ugly” at night!

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She meets Tess, who has inherited the old family home from her and intends to turn it into an inn. With the rooms complete, her final project before opening is to convert part of the building into private rooms. Except this has been sealed for decades and Tess has no idea what’s behind the door, especially since even the doorknobs have been removed. Tess trusts her instincts and knows that there is a story to uncover, and when she begins to have strange dreams and hear noises at night, Tess realizes that she must act before these strange ghosts engulf her.

Webb’s descriptions are consistently chilling and I loved the atmosphere created. From the description of the nocturnal “scratches” to the uncovered studio and the canvases that followed, I often got goosebumps because the descriptions were so powerful. I felt like I was with Tess when the paranormal events started, especially in the final stages of the story. The intensity builds throughout the narrative and I couldn’t wait to discover the answers behind this strange part of the house.

I anticipated some of the plot developments and to be honest I found the ending a bit rushed. Webb does such a good job of building anticipation that I think he expected something more powerful at the end when the answers are revealed. He felt a bit anti-climax as the interview progressed and he was hoping for a narrative that would fit in with the drama of the rest of the stories. While the last chapter was once again more interesting, the earlier drop lessened the impact.

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I really enjoyed this story. It was cool and, thanks to all the snow, also cold. I liked the budding relationship that Tess has with one of the locals as she calmed down the atmosphere of the novel. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed gothic horror and would highly recommend this book for reading around Halloween.

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