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The Third Grave book pdf download for free or read online, also The Third Grave pdf was written by Lisa Jackson.

NYT and USA TODAY #1 bestselling author Lisa Jackson began writing after her sister read an article in TIME magazine in 1981 about new moms making money writing romance novels. Both Lisa and her sister, Nancy Bush, began their writing careers around this time, and lo and behold, many years later, Lisa has published over seventy-five novels and doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon.

BookThe Third Grave
AuthorLisa Jackson
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The Third Grave Book PDF download for free

The Third Grave Book PDF download for free

The old Beaumont mansion is a rotten shell of what was once great, especially after a cataclysmic hurricane swept through Georgia. The storm does more than remove shutters and tiles. It leads to a creepy find in the basement. Three graves. But only two skeletons…

For Nikki, the discovery is a gift, the perfect subject for her next crime novel, despite Reed’s promise to stop meddling in dangerous police dealings. But despite the growing tensions between them, Nikki can’t stay out of this story.

There are widespread rumors that the gravesite is the resting place of the Duval sisters, three girls who went to the movies with their older brother Owen twenty years ago and never came back. Forensics confirm the remains belong to Holly and Poppy Duval. But where is the younger sister Rose?

Owen Duval was and still is the prime suspect, alibi or not. But as Nikki and Reed delve deeper into the mystery, the cracks in the case begin to show. There’s more to the sisters’ disappearance than we thought. Far from being an isolated act, these deaths were only the beginning. And there will be no rest, no regrets, until the killer has buried the twisted truth along with his victims…

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The Third Grave Book Pdf Download

Lisa Jackson’s The Third Grave is a highly recommended Southern gothic crime thriller.

Instead of finding the supposed fortune while searching the basement of the decaying Beaumont mansion after a hurricane hits the Savannah area, a petty criminal discovers the skeletal remains of two girls. Detective Pierce Reed is called to the scene and his wife, crime writer Nikki Gillette, soon follows him undercover. The two girls are Duval’s older sisters, Holly, 12, and Poppy, 10, who have been missing for twenty years.

The search is now directed towards the perpetrator and the third and youngest sister, 5-year-old Rose, who is still missing. The girls went movies with their older brother Owen. Instead of staying with them, Owen left to spend time with his girlfriend and became the prime suspect, but nothing was ever proven. Now it’s time to take another look at the previous investigation and at Owen. While Reed officially investigates the cold case, Nikki ignores his orders to stay away, certain that this case will result in a successful true crime book for her, and her bad decisions leave her and others at great risk will.

As the fourth book set in Savannah with Pierce Reed and Nikki Gillette, The Third Grave can be read as a standalone novel. There is enough backstory to easily keep up with the main characters as their compelling interest will be in the mystery and solving the case. The plot is slow at first, but quickly picks up pace as more information is uncovered. The chapters alternate from the point of view of various characters, including the killer who is determined not to be identified. The key to enjoying this novel is to stay focused on the plot, taking note of the discoveries and new information uncovered, and grasping the clues that point to the killer’s identity.

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I enjoyed the novel. The cold case and investigation are interesting, but Nikki becomes more of an awkward character as the novel progresses. She takes unnecessary risks. She is egocentric. His actions are impetuous and headstrong. His actions have consequences, but he apparently shrugs. She’s not always obnoxious, but her resolve isn’t tempered by carefully weighing the consequences, which feels pretty immature. I had to put my opinion on this aside and just focus on the plot that is interesting and will grab your attention.

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