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The Undead Pool book pdf download for free or read online, also The Undead Pool pdf was written by Kim Harrison.

Kim Harrison is best known as the author of the New York Times best-selling series Hollows, but she has written more than urban fantasy and has published more than two dozen books, ranging from youth thrillers to fast-paced science thrillers to various anthologies. , and has written two original graphic novels set in the Hollows universe.

BookThe Undead Pool
AuthorKim Harrison
Size2.2 MB

The Undead Pool Book PDF download for free

The Undead Pool Book PDF download for free

From New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison’s acclaimed Hollows series, supernatural superhero Rachel Morgan must counter a strange magic that could spell civil war for the Hollows in this sexy and engrossing urban fantasy adventure.

Daywalking witch and demon Rachel Morgan has managed to stop the demon from shrinking forever, but at great cost. Now, a strange magic is attacking Cincinnati and the hollows, causing spells to fail or go horribly wrong, and breaking the truce between races, between infralanders and humans.

Rachel must stop this dark necromancy before the undead vampire masters who keep the rest of the undead in check are lost and all-out supernatural war erupts.

Rachel knows only one weapon to keep the peace: the ancient wild magic of the elves, which comes with its own dangers. And no one knows better than Rachel that no good deed goes unpunished. . .

The Undead Pool Book Pdf Download

The Undead Pool is a great story where Rachel has even more magic than usual and where she may have to stay away from demons while dealing with a big problem in Cincinnati and The Hollows. It all begins when magical mishaps happen in Cincinnati, and it turns out that Rachel has something wrong twice in the same day. The Undead Pool picks up about three months after Ever After ended, so it seems like things have slowed down a bit for them, but that’s not the case once this story picks up again.

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Then the vampire masters don’t seem to wake up at night, and there is a lot of violence between the living vampires day and night, more spells fail and Rachel has her hands full. However, he agrees to a date and spends a nice evening bowling and eating hamburgers with someone he really likes until the bowling alley crashes again. Little by little, Rachel realizes that she can’t ask Al for help this time because the things that are causing the misfires are also being attracted to his aura. And they’re made of wild magic, which would make Al really nervous.

In The Undead Pool, Rachel finally sees that she has many friends who care about her and are willing to risk their lives to help her save the world. Through many twists and turns, they help her come up with a plan, but at the last moment things have changed and they have to play by ear. Many of the characters I love from previous books are also present in The Undead Pool, of course Jenks is there, loyal and fun as always. Then there’s Ivy, Trent, Quen, Bis, David and others who follow Rachel’s lead and are more than willing to help.

Emotions are very tense in The Undead Pool and I was trying to figure out where the story was going and who was behind the bad stuff and if anyone I already knew could have anything to do with these mystics. Pretty fast-paced for most of the story, The Undead Pool also felt like the beginning of the end.

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A lot of the stories that started in previous books seem to unravel and although I would love it if Rachel were happy and able to take care of herself without as much occult and otherworldly help as she has required in the past , it makes me sad to think there won’t be many more stories featuring her and her crazy group of friends. And I don’t want it to end!

However, Rachel’s growth in The Undead Pool is even more spectacular than in the previous books, she finally feels more confident, and when she’s able to use magic that seemed completely alien to her, she gets a grip on it too…much stronger . also in your own strength. It was nice to read that some people are behind her because she’s really been on the sidelines for a while.

Anyone who knows my blog a little knows that The Hollows is one of my favorite series of all time, the mix of urban fantasy, paranormal creatures, magic and the strong female characters, as well as the well-woven story that has a true story arc that takes place in the first book and still carries the core of it that amazes me more with every book I read. Undead Pool got me hooked in a lot of ways, but I’ve been pretty lazy at some points not to spoil anything here knowing a lot of my blogging friends aren’t up to speed yet.

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