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The Woman Next Door book pdf download for free or read online, also The Woman Next Door pdf was written by Sue Watson.

Sue Watson was a television producer at the BBC until she wrote her first book and became addicted to it.

Now a USA Today bestselling author, Sue has sold over a million books and explores the darker side of life by writing psychological thrillers with big twists. Originally from Manchester, she now lives with her family in leafy Worcestershire, where she spends much of her day writing and procrastinating. His hobby is eating cake while watching diet and exercise shows from the couch, a skill he has perfected after many years of practice.

BookThe Woman Next Door
AuthorSue Watson
Size1.2 MB

The Woman Next Door Book PDF download for free

The Woman Next Door Book PDF download for free

Lucy has a kind and loving husband, a teaching job that she loves, and a home on Mulberry Avenue with flowing drapes and the softest linens. After her troubled childhood, she knows that life will never be perfect, but it’s pretty close.

She also has Amber right next to her. You never run out of the things to talk about. Even if Amber’s life is more glamorous than Lucy’s with her high profile job and handsome rich boyfriend.

But then Amber begins to hint that her life isn’t all it seems, and when she approaches a terrified Lucy and tells her she’s receiving threatening messages, Lucy vows to protect her.

The closer Lucy gets to someone, the harder it is to keep her past to herself. But Amber’s boyfriend just left her when she needs him the most and she has no one else.

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Lucy knows very well that people are not always what they appear to be. Sometimes they have secrets. And they would do really anything to keep her. Lucy is still certain: she can trust her friend…or not?

Captivating and unbeatable, The Woman Next Door tells a story about the dark side of friendship and has a final twist that will surprise all readers. Perfect for fans of Friend Request and, The Girl on the Train, Clare Mackintosh.

The Woman Next Door Book Pdf Download

I think one of the telltale signs of a truly talented writer is when they can engage their readers with interesting and entertaining stories in more than one genre. I became a fan of Ms. Watson’s work with her heartwarming fictional stories about Christmas-themed women, but she really proves to be a master storyteller with her thrillers. The Woman Next Door was my first choice from the many he has already written and it won’t be my last.

This story focuses on the friendship between Lucy and Amber, although I felt the friendship was one-sided on Lucy’s part. Lucy becomes friends with Amber after trying to welcome her to the neighborhood and encountering a rather cold welcome. When Lucy and Amber cross paths again at the neighborhood book club, Amber appears to have undergone a personality change or perhaps a lobotomy because she appears to be the complete opposite of the woman Lucy first met. They become close friends, and although Lucy struggles with how Amber treats her, she buries her feelings for most of the book and never tells Amber how she feels.

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On one of her nights out, Amber mentions receiving disturbing text messages that are freaking her out. Lucy wants to help her friend right now, and while I admired that, I was immediately suspicious of Amber and her motives. After several comments from an unknown stalker and the discovery that Amber is pregnant, Lucy and her husband Matt let Amber move into their home, where they believe she and the baby will be safe.

This story goes back and forth and I stayed on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next and who is chasing Amber. Is there really a stalker? Did he make it all up to get attention? Is the stalker someone nearby who will lure her in and wait until she is at her most vulnerable before attacking?

Mrs. Watson weaves an intriguing story that leaves the reader guessing. The characters are well developed but not easy to understand. The lines between good and evil are very blurred in this story and I wondered who to trust.

Lucy is a very nice character, albeit very needy. Her inability to have children has taken its toll on her, so she makes up for it by trying to be the perfect girlfriend. She wished she had shown more composure instead of allowing Amber to treat her like an afterthought.

I was never a fan of Amber. I never trusted her, but as the story progresses, Amber emerges as a weak character who needs people to fulfill her need to be cared for and cared for. In Lucy she finds the perfect parenting and motherhood she has been looking for.

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My final verdict: I highly recommend this story to readers who like to shed the rug when they think everything is settled. Don’t settle down, reader. Mrs Watson has a few aces up her sleeve that I never saw coming. I look forward to reading more from this talented author.

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