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These Hollow Vows Book pdf download for free or read online, also These Hollow Vows pdf was written by Lexi Ryan.

BookThese Hollow Vows
AuthorLexi Ryan
Size1.4 MB

These Hollow Vows Book PDF download for free

These Hollow Vows Book PDF download for free

“These Hollow Vows” by Lexi Ryan is a young adult fantasy romance novel that will take your breath away. The book features a love triangle and also hidden identities, and even a plot that focuses first on the main character’s plight and then the deals with the romance aspects second. The story is written in the first person and told by the main character, Abriella, also known as Brie.

Brie is a human who finds herself searching for her sister in the land of the fae. She becomes caught between the leaders of the Seelie and Unseelie Courts and learns the truth about her past and the strange abilities that have developed since leaving the human world behind. Along the way, she uncovers mysteries, both predictable and unexpected, and learns to overcome her own prejudices.

These Hollow Vows Pdf Download

Ryan’s world-building is superb, as she creates a distinct contrast between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts in her descriptions. The history of the rift between the two courts and their unique customs and traditions are also showcased. Furthermore, the magic system is easy to follow, with those in the Seelie Court having the power to manipulate light, and those in the Unseelie Court having the power to manipulate darkness.

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The love triangle trope is given new life by Ryan, as Brie uses both love interests to achieve her own hidden agenda. As she grows attached to both Prince Finnian and Prince Ronan, her backstabbing becomes all the more intense. The chemistry between the characters is intense, and the spice level is just right without being too graphic.

The end of the novel is a masterful twist that will leave readers reeling and desperate for book two. Ryan’s writing is beautiful and seamlessly transitions from one scene to another, with no breaking of the fourth wall or interruptions that would take the reader out of the story.

In conclusion, “These Hollow Vows” is a fantastic read for fans of ACOTAR or FBAA, but it is not a carbon copy of those stories. It is a unique and captivating novel that is a must-read for lovers of the fantasy romance genre.

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