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These Innocent Demons book pdf download for free or read online, also These Innocent Demons pdf was written by Alex King.

Writer (mostly obscure, but who knows) who is better at writing novels than biographies. I am a Gemini with a Virgo son and a Capricorn husband who strongly recognizes his Enneagram 4 in any situation. They currently reside where white jeeps rule and Dunkin uses more than water and there are many beautiful sights.

BookThese Innocent Demons
AuthorAlex King
Size1.1 MB

These Innocent Demons Book PDF download for free

These Innocent Demons Book PDF download for free

Innocent until proven… demon…


Forcing myself not to be a recluse was the hardest thing I had to do when I decided to go to Trinity College until I met the wrong people.

Until I met Vane Wolfgang.

The dean’s son, the big man on campus who isn’t afraid of consequences or those who dish them out. He feared nothing…except me.

I should have thought better of it before getting entangled in his privilege.

As I recovered from that night, I poured every ounce of trauma into the pages of my debut book. I didn’t hold back a single psychotic detail when I told the world I didn’t deserve to have it.


I was about to be thrown on my butt in every way, regardless of whether my last name carried any weight.

The consequences caught up with me and I was nailed to the wall, but not by the police or my overbearing father… but by them.

Holmes Beckford.

I let her tease me hoping I was redeemable, though I knew better than to let my cock fall in love with the space between her legs.

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There was no recovery that night. Not when every detail was in the hands of everyone in this town, not when her true feelings were on best-seller lists and everyone was clamoring for more.

These Innocent Demons Book Pdf Download

This book was crazy! I am sitting here in total shock! but this book definitely did it. I feel like I can’t even give a proper review because I don’t want to give anything away. This is definitely one of those books you have to be blind to, so all I can say is that I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next one!

Wow! This has been taken to a level I didn’t expect from a debut!

These Innocent Demons is the story of the unholy trinity gone mad, primarily centered around Vane Wolfgang and Holmes Beckford.

When Holmes leaves his hometown to attend Trinity College, he literally finds Vane in a dark corner of the campus.

Prepared during his childhood to cultivate his demons, Vane eventually began to lean towards darkness. Upon meeting Holmes, he immediately feels an affinity and senses the darkness in him that lives just below the surface.

“Holmes had become my blind spot, fuel for my fire. She was my weakness as I lived my whole life without her. I felt nothing, still numb to bothersome feelings, but looking down on her, she was full of possibilities.”

This first book in the series really throws everything at you except the kitchen sink. Alex did a great job fleshing out the characters’ backstories and balancing the heavy and dark with the fiery scenes. You’ll see my note below, but it must be repeated: TID has a lot of triggers, and while it’s not completely black, it’s definitely on the darker end of the scale. Keep that in mind before you dive into that blind.

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A devil in disguise and an uncompromising deviant. Both psychopaths by themselves. Both deliciously pampered. This book is about a couple who are villains with such a dark and twisted love.

If you’re looking for a dark new romance with evil and obsessive main characters, twists, spices, twists and turns, and lovers’ enemies, this is for you.

These Innocent Devils is the first novel by Alex King. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed their two villainous MCs who are total psychopaths and the premise of it all.

Although it was a bit hard to keep up at first, a bit chaotic; perhaps intentional how these main characters are characterized and the whole plot of it all. I wish there was more interaction and development between the two MCs and the ending fell a bit short. I hope to see more of this couple in the next two books. Overall, for a debut novel, I enjoyed this first installment in their Unholy Trinity series and look forward to the rest.

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