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Thrust book pdf download for free or read online, also Thrust pdf was written by Kiki Burrelli.

AuthorKiki Burrelli
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Thrust Book PDF download for free

Thrust Book PDF download for free

Zayne wants control

Zayne Andino wants his life back. For years, his father set him up with partner after partner, but only under the pretense of gaining more money and power. Zayne is tired of being a bargaining chip, but he can’t piss off his father without jeopardizing his own status as an agent for the Lunar Council Enforcement Agency. The best thing you can do is turn off your emotions and pretend none of it bothers you.

Talli refuses to be tamed

Thrust Pdf Download

Talli Paolao would skate all his life. He is the scion of the most feared witch clan in the world and he is stunningly beautiful. But Talli’s first pairing went horribly wrong, leaving scars that may never heal. And now her mother demands that she mate again, no matter how much Talli dreads it.

A spark no one can deny

When Zayne meets Talli, his father’s latest choice, all he sees is a spoiled brat. Zayne can’t wait to be freed from him. The more he gets to know Talli, the more he sees the vulnerable and wounded man that hides beneath that beautiful, sassy surface. And the more time they spend together, the harder it becomes for Zayne to pretend his attraction to Talli is just physical.

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Talli would rather die than be controlled again. He’s sure he can find a way to avoid being paired with an arrogant wolf with a disciplining streak, no matter how nice the guy is. But as the remote town of Crescent City approaches, Talli realizes she may need Zayne more than she cares to admit.

Will Zayne be able to stand up to his dad when it comes time to let Talli go? And can Talli open up enough to let Zayne be the partner she needs? With doom threatening their lives from within and without, the two men’s only hope is to learn to surrender to one another.

Thrust is the fourth and final book in the Lunar Wolves paranormal gay romance series. It depicts an arrogant, cocky wolf and a cheeky young man in need of a commanding hand and a companion to call his own.

This was a wonderful book. The last part of the moon wolf series Talli and Zayne are pawns in their respective packs. Both fight each other not to be a political intrigue and the sexy scenes kept me hooked to this book until the end. good always wins, but at what cost


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