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Too Complicated book pdf download for free or read online, also Too Complicated pdf was written by Ajme Williams.

BookToo Complicated
AuthorAjme Williams
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Too Complicated Book PDF download for free

Too Complicated Book PDF download for free

Too Complicated is a long-running romance about a single parent’s pregnancy, with plenty of forbidden, bone-chilling debauchery. Filled with a lot of heart and warmth, all the books in this series stand for themselves and promise a very satisfying happy ending. No tricks or suspense, EVER.

Too Complicated Book Pdf Download

This story is well developed and, like the title, really complicated. There is a lot going on and a lot of emotion evoked in the reader as you get to know Harper and Noel, they are well drawn and personable and you can’t help but want them to overcome the complications they face and their HEA reach . .

Harper and Noel have known each other for a while and are now next door neighbors. He’s a single dad to Mo, a sweet baby who Harper isn’t sure is hers, but loves to see how he treats her. He might not like to talk about his past, but he’s certainly willing to express his attraction to Harper. These two really need to talk but they don’t but they give in to the attraction they both feel and there are plenty of hot scenes. Unfortunately there is also a lot of pushing, bickering and secrets, will they learn to trust each other and figure things out and find a HEA?

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This is the fifth story in Single Dad Next Door, the pregnancy romance series starring Noel and Harper. To say that Harpers’ brother Bran has been leading her life since they lost their parents is an understatement. Harper has decided to find a home for herself and finally finds one a year later in a remote area and unbeknownst to her, Noel is her neighbor, the very man whose company was previously hired to protect her.

These two have a connection and when Harper sees the way Noel treats her young son, her heart breaks. They go back and forth from trying to have a relationship to not being able to talk to each other, there’s definitely a love/hate thing and love is when you’re intimate! They have communication difficulties and misunderstandings that cause pain and heartbreak, and when push comes to shove, Noel steps up to make sure his son and Harper are safe. Harper, on the other hand, goes against what everyone is saying and gets her man! I loved how this story ended, just a beautiful love story worth watching.

Exactly that is too complicated: complicated. Attraction, fight, love, hate, dislike, lots of hot moments, tug of war, a cute baby and lots of secrets. This is the story of Noel and Harper and it has a lot of warmth and heart!

Harper and Noel meet and eventually become next-door neighbors. He has a cute baby and is a single father. Harper loves the way Mo is, but isn’t sure if the baby is hers. He doesn’t like to talk about his past and this causes a lot of problems. They also always seem to doubt each other and never seem to be on the same page at the same time unless they do the deed.

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They have many friends and she has a brother that we have met in other stories and they are all billionaires. The story has twists and turns with some spooky moments. Of course there is a surprise pregnancy and after a while happily ever after. There is a nice conclusion with the epilogue taking place six months later.

Book fifth in the series “The Billionaire’s Secret” is too complicated. Once again, Ajme has a way of drawing you into his story with intriguing characters and plots. It follows Harper, a wealthy socialite, and Noel, a billionaire ex-military/ex-mercenary/security specialist. Oh and his newfound son Guillermo (Mo).

I loved this story and the characters most of them lol. You will understand it fully once you have a chance to read it. I don’t want to give too much away because ugh ?‍♀️ I’ve read about some crazy insensitive people in books before, but dauumm!!!!
It has drama, heartbreak, anger, danger, suspense, humor, passion, understanding, patience, forgiveness, and most importantly, love.

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