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Treason book pdf download for free or read online, also Treason pdf was written by Stuart Woods.

Stuart Woods is the author of 44 novels, including the New York Times bestselling Stone Barrington series and the Holly Barker series. The last 28 of these were New York Times Best Sellers.

AuthorStuart Woods
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Treason Book PDF download for free

Treason Book PDF download for free

When Stone Barrington returns to New York City after a tumultuous British excursion, he is informed of a delicate situation in the administration of the country. A close friend needs his experience and cunning to root out a destructive presence at a secret agency, only it quickly becomes clear that this renegade was sent by a rival Stone met before.

From the City of Lights to the rocky shores of Maine, Stone must muster all of his wits and daring to stop audacious schemes that threaten to leak sensitive information and ultimately catch the elusive traitor. This foe may be armed with unlimited resources and devious plans, but if Stone remains vigilant, justice will ultimately prevail. . . .

Treason Book Pdf Download

Our country is often plagued by some who turn traitor and keep secrets from foreign agents. What happens when Holly Barker, the current Secretary of State, learns there’s a mole in her mist and time is of the essence to find out who she might be?

Stone Barrington is watching a recorded broadcast when he receives a call from the Director of the CIA about the matter. Holly Barker is the current Secretary of State, and her call to Stone sets in motion a chain of events that leads to espionage and murder. What if the possible mole is a high-ranking official hiding from you?

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A phone call from someone named Callie and Stone got him a new plane and, of course, a temporary love interest until he left to sell another one, but at a dinner where the guests were quite different, a Russian oligarchy and an American, who It seemed financially done because this man created an interesting mix at a dinner hosted by Marcel de Bois. Things get interesting and Peter Grant stirs up some intrigue, but nobody really knows what he’s doing. His short biography is shared on page 72 as Callie Illuminated Stone.

Tessa Martindale would divert Callie’s attention at this dinner, and even though she was dating Peter Grant, that didn’t stop him from making her move. She was very helpful in the bedroom, helping him gather information on various people. Her memory and her way of accurately recording her information made her a valuable resource, at least for the short time she was available. Lance Cabot, the director of the CIA, delivered special encrypted phone calls urging Stone to fulfill his obligations in his role as his adviser and deputy director.

Dino and Viv Bachetti join the dinner and things heat up when Holly learns the truth about who the mole is in her own apartment and her connection to several powerful Russian spies comes to light. Who is Dimitri Kronsky and who is Yevgeny Chekhov and why are they always where Stone seems to be and at the last dinner with Vanessa Baker and her mother Betty, what follows is a shock to Stone the morning after Vanessa was his guest.

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Treason has many meanings, and while it means betraying one’s country, it is also, by definition, betraying someone or something.

Imagine finding a body in his bathroom and calling the coroner and police who believe his date is dead. The poison was the gun and the shock when the morgue called to say that Vanessa is alive, but will they survive? There is still a long way to go and investigation is needed as Stone, Lance, Dino and Holly hope to learn more about why someone would want to leave Vanessa and her mother’s relationship with Chekhov. Things go in so many directions and Grant has a tense lunch with Stone and a subsequent meeting that didn’t happen when Grant was killed, but why?

Taking a closer look at Betty Baker and her relationship with her daughter, Vanessa reveals information that shocks Stone and hires him to handle her financial affairs, sell an apartment and manage what Peter left her in his will. she. However, Vanessa doesn’t trust her mother’s location to change, she wants her to stay hidden and Stone must offer her protection.

A light night stealth operation that puts Lance and Stone on the line with their lives. The end result has readers wondering if there will be a sequel when a shootdown occurs. A shocking ending leaves you wondering if the mole has been found, where the Russians are squirming, and who the players are in a deadly game of treason.

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