Download Until Willow [PDF] By Aurora Rose Reynolds

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Until Willow book pdf download for free or read online, also Until Willow pdf was written by Aurora Rose Reynolds.

BookUntil Willow
AuthorAurora Rose Reynolds
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Until Willow Book PDF download for free

Until Willow Book PDF download for free

Willow Mayson isn’t ready to fall headfirst into love, or at least not into any of the men she’s dated.

He then shares a single unexpected kiss with a complete stranger.

Clay Raven doesn’t want a woman’s strings tied to him in any way. Her priorities are her family, her job and finding those responsible for her sister’s murder.

A kiss shouldn’t change that.

Until Willow Pdf Download

Despite the chemistry between them, Willow tries to put some distance between her and Clay, but the boy is persistent until he doesn’t anymore.

For a man who has never bothered with a woman, Clay quickly learns that if he is to be a part of Willow’s life, he must fight, hunt, and manipulate his way.

Then, just as Willow begins to lose her guard, her friend is murdered, setting off a series of events that could change the course of her life forever.

Are you ready for another BOOM?

Until Willow is the love story of Clay and Willow. Their sweet encounter is unique: Willow is leaving a store when she sees two strange men standing by her car. Clay really comes out of nowhere and pretends to be her boyfriend by kissing her out of nowhere. Willow is stunned but totally thrilled.

Willow meets Clay and needs him, so they form a friendship of sorts. Clay seems to have had a crush on Willow from the start, despite being 100% against relationships. Despite this attitude, he constantly follows Willow and tells her what he wants: HER.

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Willow is reluctant because she doesn’t have the best track record with the men she’s dating. She ends up breaking up with them and later becoming good friends. But when Clay is finally allowed to open up, he puts everything on the line.

Until Willow gives us an unexpected cliffhanger that I loved right from the start. But let me tell you: I was reluctant to trust any of the characters (other than Willow) to the end. She trusted Clay, Leah, Carly, Matthew, her friends, Clay’s brothers, Willow’s colleagues, ANYONE. But once we finally figured it all out, it was easier to fall in love with the innocent characters.

I hope we see more of Clay’s siblings in the future!


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