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Vampires Make Bad Roommates book pdf download for free or read online, also Vampires Make Bad Roommates pdf was written by Mia Monroe.

Mia is a USA Today bestselling author on paranormal and contemporary queer romance. She is obsessed with vampires, mermaids, and tattoos, all of which appear regularly in her books. She is fluent in sarcasm, addicted to caffeine and easily amused by memes. She may or may not be the witch.

BookVampires Make Bad Roommates
AuthorMia Monroe
Size1.2 MB

Vampires Make Bad Roommates Book PDF download for free

Vampires Make Bad Roommates Book PDF download for free

Vampires Make Bad Roommates is a MM paranormal romance featuring a hard-working and no-nonsense half-librarian, a vampire with border collie energy, a slow-moving romance with a fast-acting attraction, old books, secret passages and more demons wreaking havoc.

It is the third book in the Covens of Eaton Falls series. Each book depicts a different couple with an ongoing conflict and should therefore be read in order.

Vampires Make Bad Roommates Book Pdf Download

Vampire Make Bad Roommates is the third book in the Covens of Eaton Falls series. Although each book focuses on a different romantic couple, there is an ongoing story arc that is interwoven, so the series should be read in order.

Shortly after all the big revelations of the previous book, things heat up in Eaton’s Falls. The ongoing war has intensified and the enemies are getting smarter and stronger. A lot of events happened: a whole series of twists and turns that were action-packed, exciting and some a little bit sad too. We’ve seen a few minor characters appear in the previous stories while helping our main characters with their problems.

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This time the story focused on Laramie and Riley. I really adore Laramie. Her bright, cheerful, and upbeat personality was very well written, making her character likable and engaging. The opposite could be said of Riley, especially early in the story. For someone who had been hurt because other people thought he was inherently a witch and those people stayed away from him, he was quite critical and prejudiced towards vampires in general, Laramie in particular. I know he grew up believing that, but in general it was still annoying.

The romance between Riley and Laramie worked out in the end, although I still feel Laramie is more into the relationship than Riley. I hope I don’t feel that way about seeing more of them in the future.

Overall, this part of the series was a pretty decent read. The lore and world was quite interesting and I liked all the additional information about the vampires, witches and other creatures that exist here. I liked Tempest and hope to see more in the future. I look forward to what happens next.

Vampires Make Bad Roommates and this series is well worth watching, especially if you’re looking for a fearless paranormal love story with fateful companions and an intriguing ongoing storyline intertwined with each episode.

Riley doesn’t like vampires and would rather die than become one. Laramie is attracted to Riley but knows the feelings are unrequited. These two are having some growing pains and some upheavals in their lives.

I really liked the boy things that unfolded in this story. I think Riley and Laramie have been injured before and have different ways of dealing with ongoing pain. I think they do each other good and bring out the missing pieces of each other.

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I liked the mysteries that were revealed and I think the story goes very well. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I love the characters and can’t wait for them to kick some butt.

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