Download Vicious Games [PDF] By Zoe Blake

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Vicious Games book pdf download for free or read online, also Vicious Games pdf was written by Hope Hart.

BookVicious Games
AuthorHope Hart
Size405 KB

Vicious Games Book PDF download for free

Vicious Games Book PDF download for free

I took everything from her.
she has no friends
No one to turn to for help.
She is finally under my complete control and yet that is not enough.

I’m holding her body, but not her heart.
She knows that I ruined her life to possess her, so she fights with me at all times.
But she didn’t guess the true purpose of my game.
She really needs to understand that I will really do anything to win. anything.

She is my property. Nothing and no one, not even them, will separate us.
If she denies me any longer, she’ll learn just how vicious I can get when I don’t get what I want.
And I want her… all of her.

Editor’s Note: The Dark Obsession series continues with Roman, Richard’s brother. This novel features spanking, rough sex scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/S themes. If such material offends you, do not buy this book.

Vicious Games Pdf Download

USA Today bestselling author Zoe Blake loves to write dark romance books filled with overly possessive billionaires, taboo scenes, and unexpected twists.

She usually spends her ill-gotten gains on martinis, trips, and red lipstick. Since she can barely boil water, she is lucky to be married to a sexy chef.

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