Download Vow Of Justice [PDF] By Robin James

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Vow Of Justice book pdf download for free or read online, also Vow Of Justice pdf was written by Robin James.

BookVow Of Justice
AuthorRobin James
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Vow Of Justice Book PDF download for free

Vow Of Justice Book PDF download for free

Sheriff Bill Clancy really humbly served the citizens of Maumee County for three decades. He wanted nothing more than to complete his tenure and retire to the forest he called home. When he’s found dead behind the wheel of his own car, every cop in the county is out looking for blood.

The weight of justice falls squarely on District Attorney Mara Brent’s shoulders as an arrest is swiftly made. With just months to go before an election, all eyes are on them. There’s no room for error.

Vow Of Justice Pdf Download

The accused is a nobody. A loafer without a dime in his name. There is a mountain of physical evidence linking him to the crime, but no apparent motive. Even without it, the case seems open and closed. But when a high-ranking defense attorney with ties to Mara’s past shows up to defend the killer, she suspects a conspiracy.

Is the accused just a scapegoat? Was Sheriff Clancy’s murder part of a larger plan that could ruin Mara’s career? Or was Clancy hiding an even bigger secret that could shake the very foundations of the police force he was sworn to serve?

And just as Mara has victory in sight, a bomb in the courthouse threatens to throw the city into chaos.

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The Vow of Justice is the sixth complete book in Mara Brent’s legal thriller series. If you like political intrigue, conspiracy theories, suspenseful courtroom drama and surprising plot twists, then scroll up to Robin James’ latest book with a single click.


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