Download What Lies Beyond The Veil [PDF] By Harper L. Woods

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What Lies Beyond The Veil book pdf download for free or read online, also What Lies Beyond The Veil pdf was written by Harper L. Woods.

Harper L. Woods is the fantasy romance pseudonym of USA Today’s best-selling dark romance author.

BookWhat Lies Beyond The Veil
AuthorHarper L. Woods
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What Lies Beyond The Veil Book PDF download for free

What Lies Beyond The Veil Book PDF download for free

This book is intended for the readers over the age of the 18. Contains mature language, graphic violence, and explicit content with darker elements. This is the first in a series and it ends on a cliffhanger.

What Lies Beyond The Veil Book Pdf Download

Do you love a good, steamy fantasy with steamy plot twists that will blow your mind? This book does not disappoint. It was an addictive roller coaster and I didn’t want it to end.

Let me focus on the map (I’m a sucker for a good map), the glossary, and the hierarchy of gods and fairies to start with. Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of so much information and visualize the layout of the kingdoms. I have definitely gone back to them as a guide more than a few times. They were definitely helpful.

The construction of the world was exemplary. It was enough to paint a picture, but it kept the story going. He wasn’t overwhelmed with too many details or pages of background notes. Between the carefully crafted clues, Estrella’s character turned into such strong shit to be taken on by any heroine, Caelum’s possessive alpha nature, the insane tension between the two (just the jokes gave me butterflies), and the spice that barely I could breathe. I got hooked on this book as my eyes devoured the pages too fast because I never wanted it to end.

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Caelum… Oh, my fairy! It quickly rose to the top of my list of book lovers. He wouldn’t hesitate to burn down the world for Estrella simply because she asked him to, and destroy anyone who hurt her. He’s incredibly hot, possessive, protective, dark, and just plain alpha hole perfection!

In “What lies beyond the veil” book we meet with Estrella. Estrella’s life has been terrible for most of it. What keeps her going is her family. She has always been fascinated by the mysterious “veil” that separates her world from that of the fairies. But when the “veil” is suddenly broken and Estrella is forced to leave her old life behind, she soon discovers that there is much more to her than she knew.

When Estrella meets Caelum, she is not sure if she can trust him. Especially since most men have shown her, she can’t be trusted. But something in Caelum draws him. And when Caelum is the only one she can turn to, she is now forced to trust him with her own life.

“What Lies Beyond The Veil” was much more than she thought. At first, Estrella’s life story was just terrible. The world she lived in definitely made me cringe. And there are many mysteries about “the veil” that have intrigued me. We are slowly learning more about this world that Harper L. Woods created. I was totally hooked and really wanted to know more.

The two main characters, Estrella and Caelum, were easy to fall in love with. But she definitely hoped Caelum wasn’t telling the whole truth. And while some parts of this book were somewhat predictable, there was still a lot that happened that I didn’t expect at all.

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The romance between Estrella and Caelum was definitely impotent. In the end, their romance was too much for my liking, but it fit the story. I just don’t like those rude and sexist things Caelum says sometimes. And it definitely didn’t match the Caelum we first met either.

But… the ending… Wow!! I was expecting a cliffhanger!! But it still killed me. I can’t wait to read the next book. What Lies Beyond The Veil is a wonderful fantasy love story. It really makes you want more and the world created by the author is very fascinating. If you are looking for an interesting read to keep you busy, this is for you.

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