Download When Gracie Met The Grump [PDF] By Mariana Zapata

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When Gracie Met The Grump book pdf download for free or read online, also When Gracie Met The Grump pdf was written by Mariana Zapata.

BookWhen Gracie Met The Grump
AuthorMariana Zapata
Size3 MB

When Gracie Met The Grump Book PDF download for free

When Gracie Met The Grump Book PDF download for free

Wow! This book completely blew me away. I was a little skeptical when I read the description and wasn’t sure if I’d like it or not, but…if there’s anyone who can mix smoldering romance and superheroes, it’s Mariana.

And she was not disappointed. Absolutely. He left some really big footsteps to fill after the Rhodes masterpiece, and he definitely delivered on this one. In fact, I would say that this is one of the best (and most unique) novels he has ever written. It was so awesome, I think this is my BOTY for 2022.

When Gracie Met The Grump Book Pdf Download

I loved that this book was a bit darker, grittier, and grittier than anything I’ve written before, and it made the two main characters feel incredibly real and relatable. I also loved that we still had the classic Mariana Zapata quirkiness and sarcastic one-liners. The characters were all very well developed, including the supporting characters, and the story flowed fabulously. I felt all of the emotions Gracie was feeling throughout the book.

I laughed, cried and was totally angry. I wish there was more to read. He was so involved that he wanted to know how it ended, but he was afraid it would come to this because he didn’t want it to end. Another good work from Mariana. I can’t wait to see what he has in store in the future and I definitely won’t complain if he features more of this universe.

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she always saved me emotionally… i will always support her and read everything she writes…
But this one is a bit confusing for me and I’m still processing it, but here are my thoughts.

Slight spoilers ahead**

It took me about 15% before I got hooked, which is unusual for an MZ book. However, I struggled because I kept thinking… where the hell is this going? I don’t need all the answers up front, but some kind of direction is best for me. There is none of that in this book. In fact, I think we can easily say that a major theme of the book is unanswered questions and mysteries…which I found irritating at times. Some finally felt insecure.

I loved that our leads were together from the start and fought together throughout the drama.

Her dynamic was weird… it was like hating friends at first, at least on her part, since Gracie A is loyal all the time… but for her joke style to work, there has to be a balance. . For every growl, there has to be some sort of attraction or build-up of sexual tension to counteract it…there’s a lot of teasing, teasing and bickering and very little attraction.

I didn’t even feel A was attracted to Gracie until 80% of the way through, which meant I wasn’t really supportive of her as a couple.

A is a grump, I get that, but on occasion he was just plain mean and there’s little to no humiliation. I actually got quite emotional during some scenes where he was just an idiot to her!

Later in the book, A’s behavior infuriated me. Gracie has trust and abandonment issues and spoilers leaving her without a single text for a month? So he’s really mad when he comes home and she’s not at home waiting for him? um what?

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There were so many supporting characters that I wish there was just one really well-developed couple instead of a whole bunch of siblings… some of their names were very similar too and it was difficult to keep track of them.

MZ is the queen of slow recording so I have no problem with the pacing of the story BUT she also writes her leads’ MOST AMAZING love letters. You know, the ones that make you swoon. I didn’t understand that here. A always says he likes it, he likes it, he likes it… and I say you’re 35 years old, we’re over it, you like me, mark yes or no….

Finally, the steam… what a strange dynamic. It didn’t work for me. I prefer an alpha male, one who’s willing to show his woman the emotions he just spilled… like he needs to have her. In this case, Gracie ran the show and that’s not my problem.

Yes, there were problems here, but… MZ is an incredible writer, she’s a master at telling stories and immersing you in these other worlds. I had never read anything like it, it’s an original and unique story.
I can’t wait to see what his other die-hard fans have to say!
Thank you MZ for all the adventure!

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