Download Wicked Heir [PDF] By Mila Kane

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Wicked Heir book pdf download for free or read online, also Wicked Heir pdf was written by Mila Kane.

BookWicked Heir
AuthorMila Kane
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Wicked Heir Book PDF download for free

Wicked Heir Book PDF download for free

Mila Kane’s Wicked Heir is the first book in the Chernov Bratva Duet. Thus begins the story of Molly/Mallory and Kirill. Kirill and Molly meet in high school and become best friends and then some. When Molly’s father owes the Bratva money, her father offers her up. Molly tells this to Kirill, who of course tells her he’ll fix it. Kirill didn’t want to be part of the mafia, but when Molly puts herself in danger, she goes to her father, the Bratva, to whom her father also owes money.

Of course, his father says he will fix it, but Kirill will have to pay a price. Now, in the present, we learn that Molly’s father went with them and Molly tried to find Kirill. Kirill is a completely different person now as he wants revenge for the deal he made with his father only for Molly to run away. So her story fully begins when he finds her. This book is a dark, over-the-top anti-hero (my favourite) and will end on a cliffhanger.

Wicked Heir Pdf Download

This is the start of Vicious Vengeance Duet in every book so buckle up, this is a wild ride, dangerous men, alphas embodied, possessive, oh so beautiful, meditating on all the elements of a story composed of three Ds (dark , delicious and dirty) ?. There will be suspense, betrayal, death, violence, hope, forgiveness and also maybe even love (EVERYTHING YOU EXPECT IN THE WORLD OF THE MAFIA). By the time you figure out who’s who and what’s what, you’re already hooked, and you better give up the fight and get ready to go all night! I can’t say I wasn’t warned!!!!!

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Two people were separated by people with different intentions, so they searched for each other for seven years. Kirill, as sexy as everyone else, goes a little crazy, obsessed with the girl he’s been thinking about, dreaming about since he met her, she’s been looking for seven years and the moment he finds her finds, he kidnaps her and imprisons her so that she can love him again.

Mallory’s life was simple but she never forgot the boy she loved, every time she leaves she looks for him so it’s a little scary when he takes her but her crazy side gets a little weird, if she says so, but hey, we can’t stop. while reading ? They’ve been through so much pain, so many ugly things have happened but the questions are why, what would anyone gain from their pain and where are they going considering this has stayed on a cliffhanger… boy , I hate her but a necessary evil I guess damn cliffhangers!.

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