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Wicked book pdf download for free or read online, also Wicked pdf was written by Amo Jones.

AuthorAmo Jones
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Wicked Book PDF download for free

Wicked Book PDF download for free

I remember the day he walked through the front door, bloodied and broken from the kind of agony that spreads but never dies. Dad had a rule for him. Stay away from your daughter.
it has not

Years later, he reappears in my life, tearing down all the walls I’ve built around me. We both hide secrets, but when the world of mafia collides with the world of MCs, the shrapnel could destroy everyone around us.

Well, the President of the Chicago Chapter, even I was not prepared for his return. You will see that I am no longer the precious Princess of Cosa Nostra and will no longer play your games.
He will touch mine.

This is a story about two souls who should be together but are trapped in bodies that hate each other. This is what happens when you both let love kill you.

Wicked Pdf Download

Well wow! Again I am speechless. My thoughts have been circling for a while since I finished. I don’t know how it does it every time. The Dark Queen dug a hole in my brain again and twisted it incredibly. I had no choice but to immerse myself completely in this book and give myself completely. Wicked and Ruby have a sick and addictive bond like no other. They are poisonous but imperfectly perfect together. Wicked comes like a storm into Ruby’s life and the secrets Ruby is kept from snow to the end.

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I literally had no idea where this was going, but I jumped in and buckled up for the ride. My mind is completely blown. The other crossover characters from his other stories answered so many questions I had.
These characters are dark and damaged, but they know how to rebuild each other the only way they can. This book was brilliant. she is brilliant This book shows why she is and always will be queen.

When Amo decides to go dark, he takes no prisoners. This is a dark, dark book, so read the warnings before you take on the challenge and embark on a story that will push your limits. The story is all consuming, it didn’t slowly pull me under its spell, it dragged me along kicking and screaming and wouldn’t let go until the last word. The story is shocking revelation after shocking revelation guaranteed to keep you reading to find out what happens next.

The chemistry between Wicked and Ruby is on another crazy level. If you like your romance, all hearts and flowers then this is not for you. On the other hand, if your bag is messy and complex with a possessive and demanding side, look no further. Some authors drop breadcrumbs, not masters, she hits you with cameos, links to previous books, and hints at things that may/hopefully be to come. To say I loved this story is an understatement. I am obsessed with this book.

Once again this author has me confused and not sure what to think or feel.
I think it’s actually impossible for her to write a book that doesn’t destroy her readers and I will ALWAYS be there for that.
However, it doesn’t make surviving each book any easier.
I personally didn’t love the whole book, but the further I went the more things made a little more sense (they never quite do with this author and that’s why I love her).
Honestly the twists and the mind blowers alone won all the stars, I think I was in a fun headspace for some of them. Which is not surprising considering who he was reading.

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The twists did me good and proved why this talented woman will always be one of my unicorns.
I’m going to end my review here without talking about the characters or the plot, and there’s a very good reason for that.
Longtime readers…enjoy…
New time readers, buckle up, you are about to fall down a rabbit hole from which you will never recover.
No matter who you are and what your tastes are, this book is an ESSENTIAL CLICK.

It is an artistic masterpiece of shadow and darkness. I don’t know how she gets over herself every time. But my mind never stops being blown. This story is paved with lyrical rhythms that keep reaching the point that takes you to another plane of existence. The words work together to transport your soul and tingle with vibes as they travel.

It’s unlike anything else. She is just her. It’s inexplicable. I got lost in the pages and parts of me will stay there forever. The characters are completely dimensional, emotionally raw, and utterly unforgettable. Learning more about Wicked was my favorite part. Something about him just sucks me in and never lets go. Ruby is her own person. She couldn’t get enough of the fire and chaos they were together and wished it never had to end.

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