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Would Like To Meet book pdf download for free or read online, also Would Like To Meet pdf was written by Rachel Winters.

Rachel Winters is a book editor based in London. After earning a creative writing degree, he spent most of his twenties working for local newspapers and online magazines, even writing a weekly column about cats (though he doesn’t have one).

BookWould Like To Meet
AuthorRachel Winters
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Would Like To Meet Book PDF download for free

Would Like To Meet Book PDF download for free

It’s Evie Summers’ job to find out. Because if he can’t convince his film agency’s top client, Ezra Chester, to write the screenplay for the romantic comedy he owes the producers, his career is over. The capture? She thinks romantic comedy is unrealistic and will only get down to paper if Evie shows her that it’s possible to meet a man in real life the way you do it on the big screen.

Cynical Evie may not believe in happy endings, but she will do whatever it takes to save the job that was her lifeline. . . even if it means publicly re-enacting iconic rom-com scenes.

Spill orange juice on a cute stranger? No problem. Leave your number on books across London to see who’s calling? Finished. With a little help from her well-meaning friends and from Ben and Anette, the lovable father-daughter duo who continue to witness her humiliation, Evie is determined to prove she can meet a man the way Sally did. But can a workaholic who’s given up on love find a sweet encounter of their own?

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Would Like To Meet Book Pdf Download

Of the many delightful things about Rachel Winter’s (?) witty, absorbing, and heartfelt romance novel, Would Like to Meet, my favorite is the delicate balance she maintains between a biased but deadly accurate interpretation of life and love while she at the same time, using rom-com tropes and clichés, the story’s heroine, Evie, deconstructs the entire story.

The plot seems simple enough: to help a vain aspiring screenwriter write a rom-com, his agent’s assistant undergoes a series of cute encounters to prove that rom-com tropes exist in real life and nothing for are the youngest Oscar winners. reduce writers. He’s skeptical, worried it might hurt his suddenly lofty goal, but Evie keeps going, crafting one sweet match after another and sending him the results, which we think will turn to gold.

To say more would be…criminal? Suffice it to say, Evie hits all the marks of genuinely negative men who accidentally ruin the lives of their own circle of friends and turn their entire lives upside down with the proceedings.

Personally, as someone who has worked at Hwood for a while, I can attest that the author hits the nail on the head with the elegant and regal side of the entertainment business. Not only have I watched the Oscars make people question their next career move and in one instance freeze them for three years, I also had a friend who felt the “makeover” sequence felt like something she could do had lived in his own days as an assistant to an elderly and deeply misogynistic studio manager.

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All that to say that this is an excellent and utterly funny book that strings together rom-com tropes while embracing them with an open heart.

As an assistant at a script agency, our main character is forced to help one of his top clients finish his romantic comedy before he gets a promotion. From there, the author tells him that he must help his “writer’s block” by participating. As? He asks her to try and have her own “cute match” to meet the man of her dreams and prove that movies can be reality.

A lot of crazy things happen on our main character’s path. The chill that is dating and communication comes through perfectly here. The framing of the story, in which she helps her client overcome her writer’s block, is also funny and reinforces the tension of “why should he care if these fail?” He’s just using them for one story.” It all plays out in a sort of fun-to-read chick flick.

I liked the novel in general and had a good escape read here. I love how it ends, but I found that I didn’t like some of the characters, including some of their “friends” who seem to use them a bit. This was just a fun read, with enough suspense to keep reading but nothing too difficult.

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