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A Lady’s Guide To Fortune Hunting book pdf download for free or read online, also A Lady’s Guide To Fortune Hunting pdf was written by Sophie Irwin.

Sophie has spent years studying historical fiction, from writing a dissertation on why Georgette helped Heyer win World War II to the time she spent in dusty piles and ancient tomes doing detailed period research when she wrote this book. Her love and passion for historical fiction brings a breath of fresh air and contemporary energy to the genre. Sophie hopes to transport readers to Regency London, where ballrooms are more like battlefields.

A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting is Sophie’s first novel and has sold in twenty countries around the world.

BookA Lady’s Guide To Fortune Hunting
AuthorSophie Irwin
Size1.7 MB

A Lady’s Guide To Fortune Hunting Book PDF download for free

A Lady's Guide To Fortune Hunting Book PDF download for free

A clever historical romantic comedy debut that follows a totally unconventional heroine who launches into the London season in hopes of finding a rich husband to save her family from ruin. But the last thing that she expects is to find love…

When Kitty Talbot is dumped by her fiancé three months before her wedding, the future looks bleak. Without her funds to pay her late father’s gambling debts, she and her four sisters face certain ruin.

But Kitty has never shied away from a challenge, so she leaves the country and heads for the most dangerous battlefield in all of Regency England: the London season.

The goal is simple: find a wealthy bachelor to marry off and save the Talbot family from misery.

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Kitty isn’t smart or overly stylish, but she’s utterly determined; Infused with her father’s spirit of play, Kitty knows that risk is only part of the game. What they don’t expect is Lord Radcliffe, the elder brother of the deliciously wealthy Archibald de Lacy. Believing Kitty to be the fortune hunter he truly is, Radcliffe is determined to thwart his plans at all costs…

A dazzling duel between Kitty and Lord Radcliffe becomes the romance of the year, one whose brilliant wit and seductive wit make A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting a pure delight.

A Lady’s Guide To Fortune Hunting Book Pdf Download

If you love Jane Austen and are enemies of lovers, you must get A Lady’s Guide to Fortune Hunting. I had high expectations based on the title alone and I’m happy to say that this historic rom-com debut delivered on all fronts. I knew even before I finished it that this would probably be one of my future comfort reps.

In early 19th century England, young Kitty Talbot is responsible for her 4 younger sisters and a huge debt that will likely leave her homeless. Practical and solution-oriented, Kitty decides that her best course of action is to try to find a rich husband in London. Quick-witted and determined, Kitty continues to surprise her London hostess and her sister Cecily, who reluctantly accompanies her. The only thing Kitty didn’t expect is that they will cross paths with an angry Lord Radcliffe, who is equally determined to ruin Kitty’s plans.

This was such a fun and entertaining read that lives up to the hype of the genre beautifully and leaves the reader feeling warm and fuzzy. Unforgettable characters, stylish lead actress, great chemistry, and a lovable love story. What more can we ask for!

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Kitty Talbot urgently needs a fortune to keep her family from falling apart. Her only cure seems to be to find a rich husband for herself, and with such determination she heads to London for the season to secure a good catch. Only Kitty is missing Lord Radcliffe, who is determined to stop her from imprisoning her brother. As the season progresses, these two foes are seen in a new light.

I’ve heard a lot of praise for Sophie Irwin’s first novel and while I wouldn’t place it between Heyer and Austen, it was certainly a delightfully entertaining read. It followed a more traditional regency formula than the proposals of other more modern writers like Julia Quinn, for example, and I liked that it was a clean romance.

However, as with many modern authors writing Regency romances, I felt that historical accuracy was not the novel’s forte and that the writing style and language of the characters did not fit the period. However, you could ignore these things and just enjoy the story as it was.

The story begins in Dorset, but moves fairly quickly to London, where most of the story takes place. It takes a while for the story to get going, but once it does, I turn the pages with ease and get into the spirit of the book.

Kitty herself is a delightful heroine, full of wit and vivacity. With her cunning nature and her eagerness to make a mercenary match, it could have been easy enough for her to dislike him, but it never was the case for her. Irwin makes it clear early on why Kitty pursues a wealthy suitor, and throughout the book, Kitty’s devotion to her sisters never wavers, even if she sacrifices her own happiness.

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I loved the boldness of her and the fact that she never backs down; She was truly a force of nature, and it was inevitable that Radcliffe, who initially despised her for what he perceived as cruelty, would soon fall in love with her, even as he tried to thwart her plans to capture her brother.

Radcliffe is also a well-developed character, and I enjoyed the perspective we get from his backstory, his struggles at Waterloo, and his relationship with his late father. I also really enjoyed the different family dynamics in the story, whether it’s Kitty and her sisters or the De Lacey family.

The book was full of humor and of course romance, but also real warmth and heart. It was a delight to watch the blossoming pivotal relationship between Kitty and Radcliffe unfold. I also liked how Irwin showed the snobbery of high society and also how few opportunities women had to ensure their own safety at that time.

Overall, this book was an excellent read, light-hearted and entertaining, with a vibrancy that I really enjoyed. I will certainly be keeping an eye out for more from Irwin in the future.

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