Download A Time-Travel Christmas [PDF] By Karen McQuestion

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A Time-Travel Christmas book pdf download for free or read online, also A Time-Travel Christmas pdf was written by Karen McQuestion.

BookA Time-Travel Christmas
AuthorKaren McQuestion
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A Time-Travel Christmas Book PDF download for free

A Time-Travel Christmas Book PDF download for free

A touching story of a Christmas miracle.
Christmas Eve 2022

After her boyfriend dumped her and her job was cut, Elizabeth believes life can’t get any worse. Until he receives the news of the unexpected death of his beloved grandmother. Instead of spending the holidays together, Elizabeth plans a funeral. Heartbroken, he wishes for the brightest star in the night sky: I wish I could see Grandma again.

Christmas Eve 1957

Ten-year-old Dodie is at home taking care of her sick little sister while her mother picks up her father from the airport. All is well at first, but when Betsy’s fever rises dangerously, a terrible snowstorm leaves her without power and without a phone. With her parents far behind and Betsy unresponsive, Dodie panics.

In the midst of this crisis, a woman knocks on the door and says she is lost. He looks vaguely familiar and Dodie needs help, so despite what she’s heard about strangers, he opens the door and lets her in…

A Time-Travel Christmas Pdf Download

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas story to get you in the mood or just to give you a little tenderness, A Time-Travel Christmas is the book I recommend. A Journey Through the Christmas Season by Karen McQuestion. It’s a novel and makes for a lovely evening in front of the fireplace with a good read. What more could you ask for this time of year than a hot drink and a cozy blanket?

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This is a time travel story. I’m not a huge fan of the genre, but I’ve found that I’m going to love anything Karen McQuestion writes. He is very talented and writes in many different genres with ease. i love this story It’s set in the present and the year 1957. I was a little boy in 1957 and enjoyed the picture it painted of that time.

I loved how few characters there were. There weren’t many, but each one is special in its own way. The town doctor plays Santa Claus and his taxi driver is the same person in both time periods, although his car is not the same. Her grandmother is like that and she knows her great-grandparents. How special is that?

I really liked this book and wish it had lasted longer than it did, but it really was perfect the way it was. The book is available for pre-order and will be released the day after Thanksgiving. You will be ready to put your feet up and enjoy a relaxing moment. Order it now and it will be waiting for you in your inbox.


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