Download Allie’s Enforcer [PDF] By Loni Ree

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Allie’s Enforcer Book pdf download for free or read online, also Allie’s Enforcer pdf was written by Loni Ree.

BookAllie’s Enforcer
AuthorLoni Ree
Size1.8 MB

Allie’s Enforcer Book PDF download for free

Allie's Enforcer Book PDF download for free
Allie’s Enforcer Book PDF download for free


My teammates love to razz me about my literary habits.

A hockey player who loves to read? Unheard of, right?

I always let their teasing roll off my back and keep my head in the game, until they send a curvy little firecracker to my door with a special delivery. And by “special delivery” I mean the filthiest books the jerks could find in Silver Spoon Falls. Now, my head is everywhere except in the game…and so is my heart.

Allie’s Enforcer Pdf Download

Both are tangled up in the smart-mouthed little goddess who thinks she can fight what’s happening between us. Allie Mackenzie is wrong, and I intend to prove it to her. Repeatedly, in fact.


Surely the universe is just toying with me.

A hot hockey player who loves to read? Way too good to be true.

Then he keeps showing up at my bookstore to buy books, and I think I just found my Kryptonite. Someone send help because I do not have time for Miles Temptation, I mean Temptest, or his wicked ways. But oh man, when he smirks at me, my heart rate goes into overdrive, and my body comes alive. This is bound to end in disaster…right?!

What we wanted: professional athletes. What we got: stick-wielding madmen who look good in TEAM COLORS, play hard, and love harder. It’s a good thing this is Silver Spoon Falls because these hunky hockey players fit right in.

Welcome the Falcons to the roster! These over-the-top athletes are about the play the most important game of all: the game of love. And the sassy, curvy women of Silver Spoon Falls have no intention of going down without a fight. Let the games begin!

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