Download Are You There God It’s Me Margaret [PDF] By Judy Blume

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Are You There God It’s Me Margaret Book pdf download for free or read online, also Are You There God It’s Me Margaret pdf was written by Judy Blume.

BookAre You There God It’s Me Margaret
AuthorJudy Blume
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Are You There God It’s Me Margaret Book PDF download for free

Download Are You There God It's Me Margaret [PDF] By Judy Blume
Download Are You There God It’s Me Margaret [PDF] By Judy Blume

Margaret is a high school student who is, of course, moving into a new home and school, but at least it’s not your typical middle-class young adult novel about an orphan and a bad gang. Margaret makes friends easily and immediately becomes part of a secret girls’ club where they (Janie, Gretchen, Margaret and Nancy) meet once a week under assumed names at one of the members’ house and have to wear bras. and write lists of boys. who they like, and keep the list in order as the favor of these different guys goes down or up. They are all very innocent things.

Are You There God It’s Me Margaret Pdf Download

Margaret is conflicted over all sorts of things, one of which is her religion or lack thereof. Unfortunately, she feels that she should have one, but her parents come from a Jewish and Christian background, so they don’t attend any organized religious services, which is the smart thing to do. There is nothing in any religion that requires its followers to attend any type of church.

One thing that bothered me about Margaret was how self-centered she was. All but one of those unanswered sentences were about her and her needs. The exception was when her father, not knowing how to use a lawnmower, cut his finger. She was praying for him then. On top of that, she never asked for anything for anyone else.

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Margaret’s parents were pretty dull parents throughout the novel until, as seems inevitable, there came a time when her mother’s estranged parents returned to her life. I felt this was absolutely wrong of her mother’s part. She accidentally sent a Christmas card to her parents, whom she hadn’t spoken to in fourteen years, and they suddenly wrote back, announcing that they were coming to visit: they wanted to reconnect with her only daughter and her granddaughter. she. They didn’t say a word about her daughter’s obviously scorned husband.

Of course, they decided to come at the same time that Margaret was to fly to Florida to visit her paternal grandmother, the grandmother who had been a member of the family and whom Margaret adored. The ticket had already been purchased, but instead of telling her parents that they would lose her granddaughter or reschedule the appointment, she opted to prank her husband’s mother by telling Margaret that she I couldn’t go.

That was inexcusable. If it had been an emergency or something completely unavoidable I might have understood, but it wasn’t. Her mom was just being selfish and mean about it, and that’s not appreciated at all. She makes her mother look terribly bad and there was no reason to write it that way.

In general I liked this book. I liked Margaret despite her flaws because she was actually the only real adult of the adults in her family. It was interesting and fun, and while some of this book was strangely constructed and admittedly far-fetched, overall it was an enjoyable fictional read, even for me, and I think those for whom it was primarily written will enjoy it.

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This is a tween coming-of-age story that talks about the things girls this age seem to care about the most, from boys to kissing to periods. From the desire you have for your period to start because no matter how much they tell you, nothing prepares you for what is about to happen. I wish I would have read this book when I was younger because I would have really connected with it and enjoyed it a bit more. I can see how and why this is so important and essential. A book that I highly recommend and will recommend to my young relatives when the time comes.


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