Download Baby Surprise [PDF] By Ava Gray

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Baby Surprise book pdf download for free or read online, also Baby Surprise pdf was written by Ava Gray.

BookBaby Surprise
AuthorAva Gray
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Baby Surprise Book PDF download for free

Baby Surprise Book PDF download for free

I should have asked for his number… or at least about his full name.
But it should be an adventure.

An adventure turned nightmare!

This bachelorette party trip should never result in pregnancy.
I didn’t know how to contact the father, but I still decided to raise the baby on my own.
Little did I know that years later I would be meeting my baby’s father.
In a most unexpected way…

Well, it looks different, okay.
Still as hot as she remembered.
The only thing that has changed?
He’s no longer an irresistible stranger… he’s my boss now.
And he doesn’t know my secret.
Will I lose my job and my sanity if he finds out?

Baby Surprise Pdf Download

Baby Surprise is a great addition to the Alpha Billionaire series and me. In this story, we meet Christopher, a 40-year-old CEO who doesn’t take life seriously, and Alicia, a young woman enjoying her time in Nashville. Christopher is threatened by his mother that he will be deprived of his position and his money if he doesn’t recover within 24 hours, so he goes to Nashville for another night to be who he is. Along the way, CJ (Christopher) meets Alicia and they have a great night together, but never share personal details. Four years later, Alicia struggles to raise her son and then loses her job over rumors and a terrible boss.

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When she happily lands a job at Christopher’s company as his personal assistant, she feels like she knows him. Christopher immediately recognizes her during the interview process, but with the clean version, Alicia doesn’t recognize him as CJ. These two have an undeniable attraction and share an unsuccessful professional relationship, and when misunderstandings arise, Alicia gives up and tries to start over, but her heart won’t allow it. Christopher also makes life difficult for Alicia without knowing everything behind his actions. A conversation can bring together some hurt feelings and sad hearts for all the right reasons. Big final!

CJ lived his life from party to party, he was just a figurehead in the company his mother still ran. She gives him an ultimatum to grow up and take over the company or lose his inheritance. One last night of partying, he’s in Nashville, he meets her at a bar, they have a wonderful night together, but they don’t exchange anything but first names.

Alicia finds out a few months later that the condom didn’t work and she is pregnant by the man she knows as CJ. Years later, she is hired by a company, Hayes Imaging Solutions, as an assistant to the CEO. When he first sees her, he recognizes her as the girl he couldn’t forget. It takes Alicia a while to realize that CJ and Christopher Hayes are the same man, the father of her child.

The two are finally starting to see each other outside of work as they grow closer, can this all come crashing down when he finds out she’s keeping a secret?

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