Download Beast in my Bedroom [PDF] By B. B. Hamel

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Beast in my Bedroom Book pdf download for free or read online, also Beast in my Bedroom pdf was written by B. B. Hamel.

BookBeast in my Bedroom
AuthorB. B. Hamel
Size1.3 MB

Beast in my Bedroom Book PDF download for free

Beast in my Bedroom Book PDF download for free
Beast in my Bedroom Book PDF download for free

He’s everything I don’t want . . . but my new bossy Greek mafia husband is going to make a real wife out of me.

My rock bottom is a dirty martini in a high-class bar, ten canceled credit cards, and nothing but the clothes on my back.

I managed to escape my abusive husband, but a snooty hipster bartender is about to get me arrested for being unable to pay for a drink.

That’s when Evander Kazan saves me. He’s massive, rippling with muscles, covered in dark tattoos, and looking for danger.

Beast in my Bedroom Pdf Download

He buys me dinner and gives me an offer: marry him, and he’ll make sure my ex-husband never gets near me again.

This is crazy. I barely know Evander. But there’s something in the way he looks at me, and I’m desperate for any hope.

He’s darkness incarnate. Brooding, angry, brimming with restrained passion.

And after one night of sin in the gangster’s penthouse suite, I’m ready to take a chance.

He says he’ll teach me how to please him. I think he’s everything I hate. But if safety is sleeping in his bed then I’ll deal with his massive body close to mine.

Because war is coming to Evander’s family, and my ex will stop at nothing to bring us both down.

Full-length Greek mafia romance, enemies to lovers, nice and steamy, no cliffhanger, and a happily-ever-after guaranteed! Enjoy!

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