Download Broken Beauty [PDF] By Ketley Allison

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Broken Beauty Book pdf download for free or read online, also Broken Beauty pdf was written by Ketley Allison.

BookBroken Beauty
AuthorKetley Allison
Size1.9 MB

Broken Beauty Book PDF download for free

Broken Beauty Book PDF download for free
Broken Beauty Book PDF download for free

The charmer.
The stalker.
The tortured leader.
The unhinged psychopath.

Which one will break me?

I’m the weird girl on campus.

Broken Beauty Pdf Download

With an overbearing father, a criminal family, and my attendance at an isolated university in the mountains, no one ever had the chance to love me or leave me.

Until I catch the attention of four men, the enigmatic Vultures, a ruthless mafia group searching for a hidden fortune on campus, where my comfortable life takes a treacherous turn.

They’re cold-blooded killers, but nobody would know. Their disguise is that good.

The worst part is, I’m just as obsessed with the treasure as they are.

They’ve figured out they need me, and I’ve found myself torn between my own desires and the darkness that consumes them.

But as much as I’m drawn to them, losing my morals will turn into my biggest mistake.

Because the problem with Vultures?

They love picking at fresh meat.

Broken Beauty can be read on its own, but be warned – its twisted path intersects with the captivating world of Cruel Promise.

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