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Budding Attraction book pdf download for free or read online, also Budding Attraction pdf was written by Saxon James.

BookBudding Attraction
AuthorSaxon James
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Budding Attraction Book PDF download for free

Budding Attraction Book PDF download for free


I never gave much thought to Orson Naples.

He’s a cute boy that I saw around town a couple of times, but one day he just up and left and didn’t show up again for a few years. No one knows where he went or what he did, all this gossipy town knows is that he’s a widower, he owns the flower shop and is friends with a bunch of divorcees who hang out at Killer Brew all the time.

But one day I walk into his flower shop and I no longer think of him rarely, I think of him constantly.

He has an anxiety that I’m dying to find answers to.

And his eyes stay on me too long for a straight man…


Ford Thomas is a nuisance. A precious one. A tempting one. But I’m too old for games.

The ones I’ve played in the past have always gotten me into trouble, so I vowed to settle down and live a quiet life.

So when Ford walks into my shop with irrepressible energy and flirty banter in a pair of heavy-duty work boots, I know I’ve got to show him the door.

I don’t need fun. I don’t need experience.

Especially when these experiences make me question things I thought I knew about myself.

Budding Attraction Pdf Download

Budding Attraction is one of those sweet romances filled with flirty banter that’s just plain fun to read.

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Orson Naples unexpectedly lost his wife years ago, spiraled out of control and ended up in Kilborough, where he opened his own flower shop. After being lost in his spiral for too long and making some questionable decisions, he is determined to walk the right path and be there for life’s big occasions with beautiful flowers. Although he is friends with the DMC guys, he largely keeps to himself and romance doesn’t even register on his radar. As Ford sets out to get to know Orson better, he quickly realizes that there is much more to Orson than he does.

Ford Thomas is known throughout town for his flirtatious ways, but his tall stature, heavily tattooed skin, and less-than-ideal past make many people think twice before committing to him. He owns his own garage and is so passionate about cars that he even works on them in his spare time after work.

Although some people in Kilborough are intimidated by him, he really is a great sweetheart who is always willing to help people, volunteer his time and snuggle on the couch with the guy he cares about. He likes to flirt with Orson, but he knows he’s not going anywhere because he’s straight, but they long for each other’s company, which leads to so much more.

These two were so much fun to read – their transition from friends to lovers felt so natural thanks to a bit of dirty dancing. There’s absolutely no pressure for things to get any more between them, though her flirtation and teasing about him is spot on. Even when things might have gotten anxious and complicated, they had grown over their feelings and learned to talk about what was on their mind. That’s one of my favorite things about reading adult characters – they have zero tolerance for the games that younger people play and it’s so refreshing. Orson and Ford’s story is full of exploration, but it ends up leading to a truly adorable HEA!

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I would have liked to see more DMC chats and a little less of Molly’s story. We got to see more of the DMC personally in this one so I enjoyed it, but texting from him always makes me laugh. I hope Molly’s story was that important because it sets up future DMC stories (for Molly, but hopefully Keller and Will too!) – it felt a bit over the top in places.

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