Download Chelsea’s Knight [PDF] By Darlene Tallman

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Chelsea’s Knight book pdf download for free or read online, also Chelsea’s Knight pdf was written by Darlene Tallman.

BookChelsea’s Knight
AuthorDarlene Tallman
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Chelsea’s Knight Book PDF download for free

Chelsea's Knight Book PDF download for free

Growing up, Chelsea’s life was far from good until her boyfriend stepped in and rescued her from the abuse she endured on a daily basis. A quiet woman, she preferred to be behind the scenes, so her position as Gia’s maid was a perfect job opportunity for her. His past also allowed him to see what happened to Gia behind closed doors during her first marriage. Long story short, she saved her best friend’s life and moved to the clubhouse after being threatened for help.

Now she’s rooted in the club, part of the family because of her connection with Gia, but still feels on her feet. When she gets the chance to do what she has always dreamed of, tutoring Noah while he is homeschooled, she realizes that she has found her true calling in life.

Chelsea’s Knight Pdf Download

She is then badly injured and Noah is kidnapped while she is in her care which sends her spinning into a tailspin to a place where she is not sure why she is still here as it is obvious she is useless , just like her stepmother told her so many years ago. Even Canyon, one of the members he’s interested in, can’t get past the concrete wall he’s built around himself.

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Canyon’s early years were also brutal, but during his military service he developed a strong work ethic, discipline and the knowledge that he would likely never have anyone special to call his own. Until he came to the PWMC as an interested party and met Chelsea. Her calm demeanor calls out to him and he finds himself drawn to her while battling his own demons. The day that changed everything made him wonder how he could break down the walls that Chelsea have now erected because he realized that everything he touched upon was for that purpose; to slay their dragons.

The club saved him, now it’s your turn to save them. by herself. But it will take all the help she can get from her brothers, her old ladies and even the little ones to reach her goal. Make them yours in every way you can.


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