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Corrupt Vow book pdf download for free or read online, also Corrupt Vow pdf was written by Eva Ashwood.

BookCorrupt Vow
AuthorEva Ashwood
Size1.9 MB

Corrupt Vow Book PDF download for free

Corrupt Vow Book PDF download for free

I really love the Voronin brothers, but Vic holds a very special place in my heart! This book is just as great as any of the others in the series. And as always, Eva gives us a cliffhanger you don’t see coming!

Willow really comes to life in this book, showing that you can be a tough woman but also wonderfully fragile. I don’t want to give too much away, but you learn more about each of the brothers, but most importantly what Malice went through. It really helps you understand why it is the way it is. I loved this book and can’t wait for the last book!

Corrupt Vow Pdf Download

This book got me on the edge of my seat! It’s intense, full of twists, lots of spice and we’ve got the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers left! I really adore Willow and also the Voronin brothers, but this time Vic stole my heart. We see more sides to the characters, which only adds to the wonderful character development in this book. Eva Ashwood has done it again, this is an incredible addition to the series. I’m totally obsessed and will need more from the Voronin brothers ASAP!

Book 3 Corrupt Vow continues with the Willow agreeing to do anything her grandmother wants to protect the Voronin brothers, Malice, Ransom and Victor. That means being a pawn and marrying to help families restore power, money and position.

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Willow will do anything to protect the brothers, but they will also do anything to protect her since she’s theirs…this can’t end well. When I first learned to ride a motorcycle I wish I had ransom to teach me yes please.

I loved watching Vic and Willow develop their relationship. And the honesty and truth between Malice and Willow and sharing their feelings. Ransom is still the one that makes everything a little bit better and lighter. The honesty, support and love between the four is the next level. This book really allowed the boys to explore and show how much they like Willow.

Nothing beats an Ashwood cliffhanger! I will (not) be patiently waiting here for book 4 in October. If you haven’t started this series yet or it’s on TBR now is a great time, you’ll love the bros!

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