Download Corrupted Obsession [PDF] By Kiana Hettinger

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Corrupted Obsession book pdf download for free or read online, also Corrupted Obsession pdf was written by Kiana Hettinger.

BookCorrupted Obsession
AuthorKiana Hettinger
Size385 KB

Corrupted Obsession Book PDF download for free

Corrupted Obsession Book PDF download for free

Corrupted Obsession is the fourth standalone game in the Mafia Kings: Corrupted series. No other book should be read before this one. It’s really a Captive Enemies to Lovers Dark Mafia romance, complete with HEA and also no cliffhangers. This book contains hot scenes for the mature readers only.

A story about a couple who have known each other for a long time but were never close until he kidnaps her. They arrive to find out that they are both trying the same thing, but for different reasons he is trying to find a family friend’s sister and she is trying to find her sister, both of whom have been kidnapped by traffickers.

Corrupted Obsession Pdf Download

She puts herself at risk of becoming the next abductee, but stops her from doing so. His brother’s wife is also friends with the woman. During their time together, they argue and have sex. He finds out that she has OCD. He receives information that people cannot be trusted and they need to move to a safer place, he moves to his family’s mansion. They get even closer, start to trust each other a little bit. She finds a note that was saying not to find her sister.

The lady of the house tells him that they realize he’s in love with her and that she looks at him the same way, but she tries to deny what they’re saying. The man’s sister decides they need some fun so they both go in another car and come back, the man waits and tells her it wasn’t a good idea. She tries to sleep in a different room than he does, but she can’t and neither can he, he goes into her room and has sex. He gets a call from his sister telling him to meet up, leaves her a note and drives to the meeting place only to find that the guy who called works for the kidnappers.

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He cuts off a tattoo and sends it to the man. She leaves him a note. Worried about losing her, he discovers that he cares for her and that he can love her. The man and a few others go in search of her and the others. They approach the place they came from to find help on the way to where they are. The others find her and the rest of the kidnapped women they free will exit the building. The woman is concerned that the man is dead, but when she finds the group.

The group manages to exit the building and everyone exits the building except for the couple, their brothers, some friends and their sister. They are shot by the man who took her, her stepfather, she shoots him, but before he shoots him, he shoots one of the men and his husband. They prepare to leave but find the stepfather is not dead and leave him with the man who helped them deal. They said they love each other.

Corrupted Obsession is an amazing book. The characters are like no other I’ve read. This story has all the drama, suspense, action, excitement, some excitement and some adventure with lots of spicy romance. I recommend this book for the wonderful writing style and the happy ending that makes the story stand out.

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