Download Craved By The Alien Berserker [PDF] By Presley Hall

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Craved By The Alien Berserker book pdf download for free or read online, also Craved By The Alien Berserker pdf was written by Presley Hall.

BookCraved By The Alien Berserker
AuthorPresley Hall
Size287 KB

Craved By The Alien Berserker Book PDF download for free

Craved By The Alien Berserker Book PDF download for free

It’s brutal and scary, but he would protect me with his life.

After Samantha and Raza dealt with the Kruul scout, we thought we were safe on this new planet. But we were wrong. And when the Kruul who were chasing us show up en masse and capture the Zivonians and the human females, only Tyrek and I manage to escape.

Tyrek… the fierce, ferocious alien warrior who makes my heart beat faster and who seems to be hiding a dark secret. The one I secretly like, even though I have absolutely no experience with men and could barely work up the courage to talk to him.

Craved By The Alien Berserker Pdf Download

Now we are partners in a crazy suicide mission to save our friends and defeat the Kruul once and for all. And while everyone has always seen me as innocent and protected, I’m determined to show Tyrek that beneath my sweet exterior is a spine of steel.

I’ll show him I’m not afraid…

Not of the enemies we will face.

And not because of the beast that lurks within him.

Craved by the Alien Berserker is a full-length indie sci-fi romance starring a fiercely passionate hero and the woman he discovers is more than a match for him.

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If you like sexy aliens, exciting adventures, and steamy romance, you’ll love this series. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happy ending!

Note: Each book in the series can be read individually, but it is recommended that you read the series in order for maximum enjoyment.

So Craved By The Alien Berserker is the ninth book and the last book in the Zivonians Warrior Mates series. This is the story of Callie, a timid and shy woman. She’s just trying to live her new life on this new planet with her new people. The Earth woman who has been captured and the male warriors of the Zivonians trying to find a new home and redemption from the Kruul. Who destroyed her planet and most of her people. Regardless, Callie is speechless looking at Tyrek. She found it deep in the woods and bumped into another couple sharing an intimate moment.

Regardless, Callie and Tyrek join up with the others to explore the rest of the planet and report what they find. So they know what to expect and try not to get attacked by the locals. But once they are deep in the forest, away from the rest of the clan. You notice some spaceships entering the planet. Who could it be? Tyrek points out that it is Kruul and Scout who must have informed the others about this ship. To do? Tyrek wants to protect Callie and the people from her. But what to do when a lone ship flies towards you and wants to capture you?

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What they don’t expect is for Tyrek’s anger to come from the past and make him feel monstrous… like a berserker. He blames her for not protecting his sister enough. He tries to put his wishes for Callie on hold. But Callie feels the same way, but she is reluctant to say anything. Will this cost him her newfound family freedom? Will the Kruul finally win? These are some good fight scenes with a lot of fainting and frustrating actions from Tyrek to Callie. But is it worth it.

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